Wednesday 8 October 2014

Smart Indian Women

Hello friends, You will never guess what happened. I was interviewed for the very first time, for Smart Indian I am so tickled pink!!!  :-)

So there I am occupying my small little space under the blogosphere sun, when I get a message whether I would be interested in doing an interview. It took me minutes to say yes and then daysss to fill the interview form! Never realised talking about myself could be so difficult.

If you are interested in reading my interview...and I hope you are...(blush, blush) here is the LINK

Crochetkari interview

I discovered a whole new world of Indian women bloggers and entrepreneurs out there. So I urge you, especially my Indian blogger friends, to visit the site without fail. While most Indian women are blogging about food and recipes there are a few who have gone off the beaten path to write about fashion, jewellery, make up, parenting and even theatre.

While I was always sure about the "Indian woman" title now I can safely say that I am a "Smart Indian Woman" ....hehehe!!!  ;)

On the crafty front this is what I have up to:

crochet rainbow triangle shawl

More about it in my next post. 

See you soon. Happy crafting.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Glorious Glimpses of Ganesha

Hello friends! Earlier in September I visited my hometown Mumbai to celebrate the Ganesha festival or Ganeshotsav (utsav means festival). So here are some wonderful photos of the idols we visited. I clicked the snaps with my latest toy the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - a birthday gift from hubby :)
This first pic is from the Flower market at Matunga. As you can see all the decorations have been made with flowers.

Ganeshotsav 2014 crochetkari

A few more photos of idols in and around Matunga;

Ganeshotsav 2014 crochetkari

Ganeshotsav 2014 crochetkari

Ganeshotsav 2014 crochetkari

Ganeshotsav 2014 crochetkari

Ganeshotsav 2014 crochetkari

Ganeshotsav 2014 crochetkari

 The last one was bathed in coloured lights and the idol seemed to change its colour every time the lights changed. 

Sometimes the decor can overwhelm the idol!  :)

Ganapati 2014 crochetkari

And now saving the best for last. My most favourite idol;

GSB Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav 2014

All the ornaments you see on the idol are offerings from devotees. And they are all real gold or silver. Sometimes they also have real gems and pearls etc. These offerings are pledged to the Lord for favours/boons such as success in business, admission to a coveted university, getting married, getting a child/ male child, surviving a major illness and I am sure many more things. The offering can actually be as small as a coconut or as massive as the actual crown, all depending on what the devotee can afford. The floral decorations and the clothes are changed everyday during the ten days of the festival. A glimpse of this beautiful vista of Lord Ganesha is calming and uplifting at the same time. The eyes seem to be watching you wherever you go. And suddenly you feel there is hope for the world yet. Another reason we come here every year could be the delicious fried goodies served at the stalls in the compound. Mmmmm..... batata wada, dal wada, cutlets, samosas, patoli, bhajiyas.........mouthwatering!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I think I have a few more pics in my camera....maybe some other time.

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