Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Crochet Chevron Infinity Scarf

Namaste Gorgeous! Thank you for joining me here today. You may be wondering at my cheek, just appearing out of nowhere, after being away for so long. Hmmm...guilty as charged! Well, you know... life happens...with its bits and bobs...some good, some bad. 

One good bit that I just cannot resist sharing is that we went on our very first overseas vacation!!! Yippee :)  :)  In the month of May, we went on a 10 day trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Yes, I have lots of photos and tons of things to share...you know me - blah, blah, blah. But I will control myself for now. The main reason is that for a blog named "Crochetkari" I have been sharing lots of stories about moving, travelling and vacations and very little crochet! So my next few posts are going to be about crochet, hopefully :) 

The ripple pattern is one of my favourites, so when I came across this pattern for an infinity scarf I just had to try it. 

The pattern is called Rolling in the Deep infinity scarf by Cre8tion Crochet.

crochet chevron cowl

I love the three different sections in the scarf and you can decide which colour you want to play up depending on you mood for the day.

crochet chevron infinity scarf pattern

While I made this scarf with orange and white, I like the designer's suggestion that you should use two colours which are opposites on the colour wheel. Maybe I will make one more scarf using that idea. 

I am still working on finding the "best" spot for photography in my new home. I am missing my swing so much ...boohoo.

Nevertheless, here are some more photos:

crochet chevron infinity scarf pattern

orange crochet chevron cowl

crochet ripple cowl

The pattern was free for some time on the Cre8tion Crochet site, but you can still get it HERE.

Do you like my infinity scarf, do let me know.

As my crochet hook is attached to my arm, :)  there are tons of finished projects waiting for their Ta-Dah moment, so do come back.

I have not been commenting much, but believe me I have been keeping up with all your blogs and thoroughly enjoying your posts. But please don't be like me and do comment below. A strange thing I noticed while blog hopping was that many of my blogger friends have been away from their blog and most of them are resurfacing now, just like me.Weird coincidence!

While the internet connection in my new home is very fast, it keeps getting disconnected. So frustrating! 

Here are two more ripple patterns I tried earlier:

crochet ripple blanket pattern
The Ocean Waves Ripple Afghan

Crochet ripple scarf pattern
The Serenity Ripple Scarf

What is on your hook, right now? I would love to know.
See you soon.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Memories of those swinging times

Namaste Gorgeous. How are you? Thank you for joining me today.

Life has settled into a routine at our new home and sometimes I cannot believe that it is only three months since we shifted here. Feels like we were always living here! Yes, the human mind can be fickle at times.

The main reason that I do not miss the previous house could be that it was  a rented place and we always knew we would be shifting out one day. While we always assumed that we would shift back to Mumbai, this new home in Ahmedabad was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. 

But if there is one thing that I am sorely  missing it is my photo studio...er...I mean my photo prop... okay actually I mean the wonderful swing in the balcony in the old house.The swing was the place where all my WIPs were finally christened as FOs. (Am I the only one who finds "FO" to be mildly rude?)

The swing got the best light throughout the day and it was like being outdoors while still being inside the house.

So here are a few photos, in memory of the swing :)  :)

crochet ripple blanket

crochet ripple blanket
My ripple blanket. Get the pattern HERE 
Crochetkari free knitting scarf pattern
My first knitting pattern. Click HERE for the the free scarf pattern.

 crochetkari apple cozy
An apple cozy for the hubby. Go HERE to see his reaction to my "gift" ;) and a link to the pattern

crochetkari steering wheel cover crochet pattern
One more gift for hubby. Click HERE for the instructions for this Steering Wheel Cover.

crochet rainbow mandala
The swing was a place to play with colors. Get the free pattern for the Rainbow Mandala HERE

crochet square doilies
 ...and a place to display and gloat over my crochet babies

crochet doilies

crochetkari crochet doilies

crochet purse with free pattern 
Click HERE for pattern details of this lovely yellow purse
crochet nesting bowls
 Crochet nesting bowls

Crochet Basket weave basket
Crochet Basket weave basket

crochet rose basket pattern
Crochet Rose basket. Click HERE for instructions

crochet cup cozy
A custom order for Poonam who was so happy with the Cup cozies that she became my student!

crochet corner to corner baby blanket
Corner to corner baby blanket. Get the pattern details for the blanket and the border HERE.

crochet I love rainbows shawl
Crochet triangle granny shawl. Click HERE for pattern details.

Hope you enjoyed these pics of my Swinging times. Ahem... I hope you did not land here looking for some other kind of Swinging tales. Sorry to disappoint you...hehe!!

I have not yet found an ideal place in my new house to click my pics. No swing, no balcony and no open spaces. So I guess my crochet Ta-dahs will just have to wait a little longer! :(

I am writing a pattern for a crochet scarf and I can't wait to share it with you. Would you like to test my pattern? Write to me at crochetkari@gmail.com. 

Life is short, so make time for your hobby or go ahead and learn the new skill you have been wanting to.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Back after a hiatus

Winter has come to an end and it is time for me and my blog to come out of hibernation. The moving and settling in into my new home was time consuming and back breaking. You would think that I would be used to it by now as we have moved ten times in the 22 years of our marriage. Yes that is right 10 times, but each time it has been for something better or bigger. And this time we have moved from a rented place to our own house.

There was a lot of unpacking to be done, decluttering, arranging stuff, buying new furniture, followed by a visit from my mother-in-law, so the blog was the last thing on my mind. Okay, actually I am lying! The blog was always on my mind and I was feeling guilty about neglecting it because I have realised that I really love blogging.

Now that everything is in its place (sort of) I finally got the time to have a good look at my surroundings. Here are a few photos I clicked of the new housing complex:

Crochetkari ant sculpture

This huge metal ant is the first thing that will catch your eye when you enter the complex. While creepy crawlies really freak me out I like this giant ant. Can you see the last building behind those trees? Well, that is where we stay and it takes a good 7-8 minutes just to reach the gate!!

As you move along there are more of these ginormous ants, like this one near the badminton court,

crochetkari badminton court

  A splash pool for the kiddies,

crochetkari kiddies pool

A place to play cricket for the youngsters, covered with nets on all five sides. So no fear of broken window panes!

crochetkari cricket nets

The platform you see in the foreground, covered with glass bricks actually provides sunlight to the underground parking area plus it is used in the evening as a seating area by children and adults alike.

One more ant near the kids play area,

crochetkari metal ant

The kids-only sections,

crochetkari kids play area

The Club which has a gymnasium, library and swimming pool,

crochetkari gym club

And now saving the best for last...huh! While my bloggy friends out there are sharing pictures of lovely verdant green rolling English countrysides and white snow covered mountains, I have this - a concrete jungle. I guess it is one of the perks(!) of living in a big city. :)

crochetkari new home

So, how do you like the view from my bedroom window?!
I hope you liked the pics.

I have finally managed to do a bit of de-cluttering on my blog. Does it look a little bit better?

In all this chaos, I did manage to crochet a bit and I will be back with some crochet Ta-Dahs soon. Would you guys like some free crochet patterns? Do let me know. Happy crafting.

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