Crochetkari: August 2013

Monday 19 August 2013

Scarfed for life

Hello friends.

Thanks for popping in. I know I am not blogging consistently but I have been crocheting like it is going out of fashion. Now that my hook has become hot let me keep it down and pick up my camera.

But first I want to thank everybody for their good wishes on our Independence Day and also for your lovely comments about my crocheted hearts. And a warm welcome to all new friends who have joined us.

You may have read one of my previous post about our trip to Ladakh. Before this trip, I used to think that scarfs are fashion accessories and I always wondered how a thin strip of fabric could protect you from the cold. Well, that trip put all my doubts to rest as I wore my scarf 24/7.

Once home I decided to make a few more, now that I had realised  that they were useful and handy and definitely helped to keep you warm. 

I decided to use a pattern I had already used here but with a twist. This time I decided to use two colours. 

Soooo...... tad dah.....

crochet orange scarf crochetkari

And this is my first scarf

crochet ivory scarf crochetkari

The two colours make it look like a whole new pattern, doesn't it? But I love both of them.

When my scarf was done, I thought it looked like fragrant "parijat" flowers strewn down a pathway. A sight that greeted us every morning when we would go to our native place, Mangalore during school vacations.

Pic source

crochetkari orange white scarf

Don't you think so?

orange crochet scarf crochetkari

Do you think it needs a fringe?

Well, scarf done, now what?  I am going to make a matching hat. 

But before that, let me tell you something funny. Since Ladakh is an extremely cold place I was happy that for the first time I could actually take all my hand crocheted goodies along with me and of course flaunt them. But after reaching Ladakh.....flaunt was the last thing I wanted to do. WHY?... Because I had my ivory colored scarf (shown above), my canary yellow fingerless gloves and a deep blue beanie (this pattern) I had made.

Now you can well imagine what a sight that must have been - blue beanie, cream scarf, yellow mitts coupled with my outfits in various colours. A real clownish ensemble!!!  :)
Well, at that time I was more worried about keeping myself warm rather than being fashionable...!!!

So that is how I was struck with the idea of making matching sets. [Confession - I am a big fan of matching sets]. I will be back soon with my matching hat.

Till then, happy crafting and have a great week ahead.

Thursday 15 August 2013

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Heart to Heart

Hello friends!!

Finally I am back with a crochet post. At present I seem to be on a scarf making spree but today I am going to share something different.

Recently my physiotherapist Dr. Vrushali saw one of THESE hearts hanging from the strap of my purse and she liked it so much, she promptly placed an order for a few.

Here are the hearts I made for her...

Crochet puffy hearts free pattern

Dr. V had asked for six, but I made eight so that she can pick and choose. But guess what, she ended up buying all of them!! 

Do you want to see them up close? Here goes:

crochet hearts detail

crochet heart keychain

crochet heart charms

crochet heart ornament

crochet heart pattern

red crochet heart

free crochet heart

crochetkari heart keychain

Making these hearts was fun, but do you know what was even better! Getting paid for making them!! Yes, the mere thought that somebody likes your handiwork and is ready to pay you to make them is wonderful. Hmmm..... like having your cake and eating it too?!

You can see the first hearts I made and get the link to the free pattern HERE.

I will be making another batch of crochet hearts in Christmas colours, so if you would like to have a set, just drop me a line.

See you soon with another fun project (also a custom order). Until then happy crafting.

P.S. Expect a book tour soon as I am dying to play with my new toy - a Canon scanner.


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