Crochetkari: Back after a hiatus

Friday 20 March 2015

Back after a hiatus

Winter has come to an end and it is time for me and my blog to come out of hibernation. The moving and settling in into my new home was time consuming and back breaking. You would think that I would be used to it by now as we have moved ten times in the 22 years of our marriage. Yes that is right 10 times, but each time it has been for something better or bigger. And this time we have moved from a rented place to our own house.

There was a lot of unpacking to be done, decluttering, arranging stuff, buying new furniture, followed by a visit from my mother-in-law, so the blog was the last thing on my mind. Okay, actually I am lying! The blog was always on my mind and I was feeling guilty about neglecting it because I have realised that I really love blogging.

Now that everything is in its place (sort of) I finally got the time to have a good look at my surroundings. Here are a few photos I clicked of the new housing complex:

Crochetkari ant sculpture

This huge metal ant is the first thing that will catch your eye when you enter the complex. While creepy crawlies really freak me out I like this giant ant. Can you see the last building behind those trees? Well, that is where we stay and it takes a good 7-8 minutes just to reach the gate!!

As you move along there are more of these ginormous ants, like this one near the badminton court,

crochetkari badminton court

  A splash pool for the kiddies,

crochetkari kiddies pool

A place to play cricket for the youngsters, covered with nets on all five sides. So no fear of broken window panes!

crochetkari cricket nets

The platform you see in the foreground, covered with glass bricks actually provides sunlight to the underground parking area plus it is used in the evening as a seating area by children and adults alike.

One more ant near the kids play area,

crochetkari metal ant

The kids-only sections,

crochetkari kids play area

The Club which has a gymnasium, library and swimming pool,

crochetkari gym club

And now saving the best for last...huh! While my bloggy friends out there are sharing pictures of lovely verdant green rolling English countrysides and white snow covered mountains, I have this - a concrete jungle. I guess it is one of the perks(!) of living in a big city. :)

crochetkari new home

So, how do you like the view from my bedroom window?!
I hope you liked the pics.

I have finally managed to do a bit of de-cluttering on my blog. Does it look a little bit better?

In all this chaos, I did manage to crochet a bit and I will be back with some crochet Ta-Dahs soon. Would you guys like some free crochet patterns? Do let me know. Happy crafting.



  1. Nice pictures ! Nice surending !
    Have a lovely weekend in your new home !

  2. NOT a big fan of the ants, but the whole complex is lovely. Glad you are settled in, I look forward to what you have to share. Have a great day!
    Crochet, A Day In The Life

  3. It might be in the concrete jungle, but at least there's nice facilities. Enjoy it there!

  4. It's so good to "hear" from you, Sangeetha! I was just thinking about you a couple of days ago and hoping all was well as you have been a little quiet. I totally understand about the moving thing--very time and energy and thought consuming! I'm excited for you and your new home! I think it looks like a lovely place to live! Can't wait to see what wonderful things you've been hooking!
    <3 Susan

  5. Welcome back! Love the "ants"!

  6. It looks like it is a very well maintained complex so that is definitely a plus. My current view out my bedroom window is an empty lot after a house was torn down. There used to be huge trees around it but those were also uprooted and gotten rid of. Now the lot has become a dumping ground. People in this country are so weird like that. They see a hole in the ground or an empty lot and it all of a sudden becomes a landfill. There's a toilet and a couch over there now and all kinds of debris. Very depressing, especially since they also cut all the trees in front of our building. Hope you are finding some crochet time. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Glad you are back! I have missed you. At least you have trees to look at. And the club house sounds great. Moving bigger and better each time is always a plus. Take care.

  8. Ahh Finally lovely to see your blog back !!
    Nice place Sangeeta ! :)

  9. Oh... happy that you are back.... yes... me too had a very long break on my blogging more than one and a half year.... would like to start blogging soon in this week.... the fight goes on with my mind and my hands.. my hands are not doing what my mind says.... but soon i'll start... getting inspired from you people... and i like those giant ants

  10. Congrats sangeetha for your own new home..) The complex looks very vast and well maintained..Looking forward to see your work. Take care and have a nice day :)

  11. OMG!! You bought a new home ?? You didn't tell me .. Anyways congratulations !!!

  12. Sangeetha, the apartment complex looks great. Congrats!! Looking forward to see your Ta-Dahs.


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