Saturday, 23 June 2012

My first custom order !

Hi everybody! Do I sound cheerful! Well, that is because the heat is easing up and the temperature is falling. We are having cloudy weather here in Ahmedabad and there were the occasional showers though I still wouldn't say that monsoons have "arrived'. But any relief from the killing heat is welcome. The only regret is that the lovely golden summery mangoes are also on their way out.

In one of my posts I mentioned my first custom order - a pen tablet cover.
I am so used to gifting my crochet items that I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when I got an order for a pen tablet cover from my son's classmate Dev, who is also a fan of my blog. It really feels great to be paid for doing something you love to do. 

The navy blue colour was his choice and the pattern is my own design. I clicked many photos of it, with and without flash, and with and without sunlight but I think the real colour of the yarn could not be captured as it was quite a dark blue. So anyway here are the pics;

I worked diagonal rows of popcorn stitches for texture and to protect the drawing surface.

The lining of the cover with pockets for the stylus, the connecting cable and CDs.

Like I said, none of the photos have captured the true colour. Did I mention that Dev is utterly delighted with that is one job well done.

Already started working on the next project. Okay... you can have a peep at it.

Can you guess what it is...? Do let me know, I am waiting for your comments.

See you later, crocheters!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Knitting in public

For the past few days I have been reading a lot about knitting in public, yarn bombing, knit in public day etc, on the internet. Upon delving further I realised that the concept of yarn bombing does not hold any appeal for me. I mean why waste good yarn to cover things in public and then make them uglier than they were!! Things like cars, lamp posts, statues in parks etc,etc ?! And with the price I pay for my yarn, you will never see me yarn bombing Anything.

I also realised that I have always been crocheting in public, even before I came to know that there is a fancy term for it. I was working for a bank in Mumbai for 12 years. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) in spite of working in different branches my commute was always in the range of 15 to 22 kms. This meant long hours of travel either by train or bus. So the minute I got a good place to stand in the train (travelling in the local trains of Mumbai means 90 % of the time you are standing thru'out the whole trip) or a seat on the bus, I would pull out my hook and yarn and crochet away. This was the only thing that made the commute bearable. Also the fact that I usually prefer not to talk to my fellow commuters definitely helped matters...(ha ha).

It is difficult to follow patterns on a moving vehicle and fine thread too is difficult to manage, so I ended up doing projects which involved thicker yarn and repetitions.

Here are a few items I made during my long commutes to work:

 This maroon purse is my favourite. It has plastic tubing in the handles to keep their shape.

This is an ombre bucket shaped purse.

Lemon yellow purse with columns of bobbles.

Silver purse, the yarn is sparkly but it is not visible in the photo.

The lining for these purses was done by the yarn shop which included a small pocket on the inside and zippers. All these items have since been gifted away by me so these photos are all that I have now.

I must make a few more purses. I will keep you posted as and when I do that.

See you soon. Ta-ta.


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