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Tuesday 12 June 2012

I've got Mail...!!

Well,actually it is a package. From the Pony Craft Store!

 Pony crochet hooks and knitting needles are easily the best you can get. Even though they were available on foreign sites, none of the craft shops I visited across states, seemed to have the whole range in spite of the fact that the needles are produced in India! So, when I saw that Pony now had an online store I rubbed my hands with glee. I placed my order as soon as possible.
Would you like to see the goodies in my parcel?

1. Set of crochet hooks with plastic handles. I have been on the look out for crochet grips or pencil grips for the past few months but sadly they are not available in India, so I ordered these hooks instead. I only wish the handles were in rainbow colors, the set would have looked gorgeous.

Already have all these sizes, but these hooks were ordered in anticipation that in the distant future I will be needing thicker grips.

2. Hairpin crochet set

 Hairpin crochet has been on my to-learn list for a long time and a shawl is what I plan to try out.
Wish me luck.

3. Crochet hook size 20 mm.

What a fantastic looking hook! I have purchased this for dual purposes - as a giant crochet hook and I hope to use the handle for broomstick crochet which is also on my to-learn list.

4. Circular and double pointed knitting needles.

This purchase has been inspired by Monika of Smoking Hot Needles. She makes the most fantastic socks that I have ever seen and she must be knitting really fast as literally every post has a new pair of socks!! Even if I make only one pair of socks I will feel that the needles have been worth while. She also creates magic with her spinning skills, which I do not hope to learn in this lifetime.

5. Assorted knitting helpers.

Have been looking for these knick-knacks for a long time....finally I have them!

6. Rotary Cutter

I recently purchased a book on quilting and I hope to make atleast one quilt in this life. But before that I will have to learn how to use the rotary cutter.... ha ha.

7. Cross stitch towel kit.

Always wanted to flaunt beautiful guest towels and brag that I did the embroidery !!

Well, now that I have created excuses for each and every item I bought I can rest in peace :)

Hope you enjoyed this online shopping with me.


  1. Best of luck with the quilting. I've got a project on the go for about four years and hope to actually do something with it soon - don't think I'll be running off to make another one after that!

  2. so you all set to work on various projects. Lovely to see them all together. I have not used the circular needle. So sangeetha, please post a tutorial project using it.

    Best wishes. Happy Crocheting.

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

  3. wonderful !!!! happy crocheting !!!

  4. Hi Sangeetha

    Wow! The needles would inspire you for more crochetkari :) and inturn inspire crochet lovers who visit your blog to try out some!

    Have you come across online yarn shops in India? Because, use of proper yarn for a project is very important.

    Happy crocheting Sangeetha

  5. The best needles you can get in India! Alternatively you can order from eBay and with multiple purchases you can save on the mail charges too..I cant imagine life w.o Clover Handled hooks for thread crochet.

    For yarn the only online store i found who does free delivery within India is :

    They do have some yummy yarn!!
    All the best for your new experiments in crochetkari :)

    Rajeswari @

  6. Hi Sangeeta,

    I came across your blog today and I must say it is inspiring! I am still going through your older posts. I always love to know my fellow crafters. Nice to have found you. Keep in touch.

    Also it would be great if you could let me know the performance of the rotary cutter. I have been wanting to buy one for a long time now.


  7. Hey, looks like Pony Craft has stopped making many of the varying crochet hook sizes. :( Unable to buy different sized hooks in india. May be, I'll have to order some from Amazon and shell out a lot for it. :(

  8. The world has moved on to bamboo hooks and we still rely on stainless steel and aluminium hooks, with plastic handles, sigh!

    Hachi Yarns - has whole sets of bamboo hooks and exciting selections of yarns, I recently bought the set and have been working them off so much that they could catch fire! :)

  9. Dear Sangeetha,
    Thanx for sharing the info about Pony's online craft store.. I got my parcel yesterday!! Got it in 2 days...:)

  10. Hi Guys!!
    can anybody help me out....i am new to delhi and trying to figure out where to get good quality yarn and crochet threads in delhi

  11. Hi ,
    I came across your blog while searching for crochet yarns. Your blog posts are just awesome. and I must say your crocheted items are just fabulous. It has the perfection. Hats off to you. Keep on with your works. It's really very inspiring.

    I read that you ordered all these items as a package from ponycraftstore. But I couldn't find it. I'm from Kerala,India. I wish to buy crochet hooks and yarn. Can you tell me whether you bought all these as a package or you bought it seperately ? Do you know of any online stores from which I could buy these ? As for now, I've only one crochet hook and some yarn. I'm a beginner in crocheting and am very eager to learn it. Please tell me where I could get these stuffs.

    Thanks for your time. Good luck :)


    1. Dear Kavitha and NJ,
      Hi, I wish both of you had given your email ids. I hope you will come back to read this.
      All the items in this post were ordered from Pony in one big package. I highly recommend their service.
      My yarn comes from Mumbai from Pradhan Embroidery Stores at VT. They have a Facebook page and you can order online or by phone and they send material anywhere in India by post. Their service is prompt and the material is branded and of very good quality. I also like the superb variety that they have. As far is yarn is concerned I actually buy from anywhere I find it Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi even Ladakh!! I hope this answer was helpful. You can also contact me at

  12. Hi, just wanted to know if pony hooks can be bought directly from a shop or not in India ?

  13. Hi, just wanted to know if pony hooks can be bought directly from a shop or not in India ?

  14. What the type of yarn should I use for afghan/blanket.
    Please tell

  15. Hi, I came across this site - iceyarns while searching for yarns at a reasonable price. But I don't know if they will ship here. Can someone tell me about them.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Jahnavi,
      Ice yarns have worldwide shipping. When you add the yarns to your cart it will also show you the shipping charges.
      For afghans/blankets I prefer to use acrylic yarns as they are soft and offer great variety in thickness, softness and colour.

    2. Hi,
      Thank you for replying. And what about shipping. I saw they use DHL. Do they also use India Post?


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