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Thursday 7 June 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award by Mira of Mira's Talent Gallery.

I accept it gratefully (gleefully). Many thanks dear Mira. I am so thrilled....(blush,blush), I was not expecting an award so soon.

The origins of the Liebster Blog award are somewhat unclear but the general consensus is that it originated in Germany, "Liebster" meaning favorite or dearest, to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Upon accepting the award the recipient must then pass it on to five more blogs of note.

Here are the rules:
1- Choose FIVE up and coming blogs to which you award the Liebster. Blogs must have less than 200 followers.

2- Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

3-Post the award on your blog. List the bloggers you gave the award to with links to their sites

Here are my nominees for the Liebster Blog Award:
1. Uma from Creative Mau. Uma dabbles in a lot of crafts including crochet and I just love her lamasa work.

2. Lisa from My world of crochet who has a crochet blog in German. I like Lisa's crochet work which is very neat and her posts about life in general.

3. Mousumi from Love for Krafts. Mousumi is a true crafter and has varied interests like candle making, claywork and crochet.

4. Rajeshwari of Diaper Mum. Rajeshwari has a lovely choice of colour plus I like the little glimpses she gives us into her life.

5. Monali from Delta-Zelta. Monali makes the cutest amigurumi.

Congratulations to all!

And thank you Mira, once again for the honour. Mira is a versatile crafter and one could be lost in her blog for hours. I especially like her kolam designs and Twilight hours.

Well, off I go to bask in the glory of the award. Have a nice day. See you soon.
Love :)


  1. Best wishes Sangeetha. Enjoyed your narration... ha.ha.ha... wish you many more such laurels.

    Congratulations Uma, Lisa, Mousumi, Rajeshwari and Monali. My best wishes.

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

  2. Hi Sangeetha !!!

    Congratulations to u. Ur blog is very colorful& bright in true sense and ur collection and knowledge about books is amazing. Also a verrrrrrrrrry big big THANK U for nominating me for the award and joining my space. Cheers 2 our new upcoming friendship & I wish you get more awards and accolades for ur work.


  3. Thanks Sangeetha for nominatimg me for this award !!!!

  4. Dear Sangeetha,

    Thanks a lot for your award and kind words! It made my day indeed :))

    Rajeswari @ Diapermum

  5. Hi Sangeetha

    I was on Dennis's According to Matt blog when I bumped on to your blog. An Indian name Sangeetha, made me curious and came here. The blogland holds so many surprises. I couldn't believe that I had found an Indian's crochet blog. I found very few so far. Your blog is shaping up quite well. Your passion is written all over :) Yes I love crochet too but am a beginner. Loved your blog. And you know Sangeetha, we live so close by? We can as well have a tea party too!

    Have a wonderful day


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