Crochetkari: 1000 Facebook Likes!

Thursday 19 June 2014

1000 Facebook Likes!

Woo hoo!! I have some wonderful news to share. Yes, that's right my Crochetkari Facebook page has crossed the 1k mark. I now have 1000+ fans...Yay!!!

Crochetkari 1000 facebook likes

I am absolutely thrilled about it. I know that there are pages out there with fans in 5-figures and 6-figures. But I am pretty pleased with what I have achieved.

While Facebook can be a time sucker, I think it also depends on how you use it. As far as my page is concerned, I find it is a fast and efficient way to announce the latest happenings on my blog, or share my newest project and also free patterns from other sites. And I use my personal Facebook account to join crochet related groups, pages belonging to craft suppliers like Pony and Deramores and also to keep myself updated about the latest news in the craft world. 

And while on the topic of social media, you can also follow me on:

By the way, do you like the poster above? I made it and the one below (to announce 800 fans) using PicMonkey, which is a site where you can edit your photos, make collages and create posters like these ... for FREE! 

Crochetkari 800 facebook likes

It is easy and fun and the results are amazing. So go ahead and try it.  :)

I am working on the edging for the corner to corner blanket. What crafty adventure are you up to? Do share.

See you soon.


  1. Wooowww !! Sangs i didnt know you had a face book page girl !!! Booohhh.. why didnt you tell me ?? Well.. i just liked it now ! hehe ! Muuhhaa.. Congrats on your 1000 likes !! May it turn out into 5 figures soonn !!


  2. Congrats ! Not very familiar with Facebook yet but am definetely finding my way to your page and adding one more ...haha :D

  3. Wow!! 1000 likes is awesome congrats! I am going to like you because I didn't know you had a FB page!

  4. Hello Sangeetha Congratulations I do understand how good you feel!!!! I administrate my daughter's language school's social FB page and we have 850 likes now. It has been so hard to get to there.I already follow you on FB but I've just gone over to Pinterest too and am following you there now as well.
    Keep well

    Amanda x

  5. I nominated you for a Liebster Award you can read about it here:

  6. Woo hoo congratulations!! That's definitely an achievement!!

  7. Congrats !! :) how do you manage with so many social networking sites ? I cannot keep up with even a single one.
    I have been using picmonkey for almost an year now . It's very good for collage also especially for designing blog headers etc.

  8. Ohhh wowwww !!
    Congrats Sangeetha!
    I am following you every where 😜😛


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