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Monday 22 September 2014

Crochet flower pen drive cozy

Hello, lovely ladies! Thank you for joining me here. I am glad so many of you visited and liked my last post about the crochet peacock feather pen drive cozy. Thank you for your sweet comments, they really motivate me.

Here is the second pen drive cozy that I made. I had some flowers and leaves that I had made earlier from a pattern by Lucy at Attic24. They were supposed to be used as decoration for a bag. But the bag never saw the light of day!! So I joined them together to make this....

crochet flower pen drive cozy

While my second pen drive does have a cover I made the cozy just for fun.

crochet flower pen drive cozy

crochet flower pen drive cozy

crochet flower pen drive cozy

The leaves and fruits (tiny balls) prevent the pen drive from popping out and are also used for pulling it in.

Do you like it? Here is a look at the other side.

crochet flower pen drive cozy

Once again, here is the pattern link for the flower, and leaves and the little balls.

What crafty adventure have embarked let me know.
How many of you have already started making gifts for Christmas?
I am working on a cowl which is very pretty but involves a lot of color changing and weaving in of ends....grrrrr.....I hate weaving in ends(sigh)!!!!!

Hope you have a fantastic week ahead. Make time for craft is the only stress buster you will ever need. See you soon.
Ciao  :)  :)  :)

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  1. Very beautiful crochet flowers Sangeetha!!!Have a nice and creative week!!!Kisses!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What a nice idea! I start last week to do Christmas Gift with a baktus scarf ::: I have a lot of cousins so I have to hurry up! Have a great week!

  3. What a lovely cozy, nice colours and a great idea!

  4. Your cosy looks beautiful and what a great idea! X

  5. Super original Sangeetha ….great creativity!!! Would make a brilliant gift for any occasion! I so agree with you my bloggy friend craft is the best stress buster for me!!!!!

    Keep well

    Amanda x

  6. I love your idea, so pretty!
    Well done!
    Ingrid xx

  7. Really beautiful colorful cozy !!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice day !

  8. Such a beautiful design! Love it! And functional, too!

  9. Very nice idea,beautiful flowers!!
    Many greetings.:*

  10. It's beautiful and would make a great gift too. I'm working on a cowl too for a Christmas gift but luckily it's variegated yarn so I have the colour changes but no weaving in of ends, Have a great week. :)

  11. What a neat little idea . It`s quite fascinating to see such a beautiful cover for a pendrive and am I enjoying seeing the lovely ideas you come up with ! I`m totally hooked ... LOL !!

  12. What a lovely idea!! Your work is very neat and beautiful!!:-)

  13. Pen drive cozy! Wow heard that for the first time. .I too love crochet but now mainly to watch it. have a lovely place and amazing crochet projects. .love the flower and leaves


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