Wednesday 25 July 2012

Yellow Gold

Who can resist the lure of this precious metal?! Gold has great significance in India. Your status is defined, in part, by the amount of gold you own. Of course the other trappings like a huge house, a posh car etc do count. Every new bride must wear real gold ornaments on the day of her wedding. Indian gold jewellery is the most beautiful jewellery in the world. Each part of the country has some unique designs which are peculiar to that state or community. 

So.... why not some gold for my table! Here are my golden coasters:

The yarn is Bliss knitting cotton, as usual.

That's all for now. Happy hooking, everybody.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Lavender Stars

I am so excited, Amanda from Crafty in the Med has awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award. 

 This is my second award and I am thrilled that she likes my blog as I just Love hers. It is certainly a warm feeling to know that somebody so far away is thinking of you! I will soon get down to nominating my favorite blogs.

A warm welcome to Goty and Daiana from El Crochet de Daiana. Daiana has some lovely dainty crochet items on her blog.

Don't you think Google Translate brings us closer to each other?  It is fun to translate and read blogs in so many different languages.

And now...continuing with my favourite topic - coasters. As crockery is available in different styles, colours and shapes, I thought why not use an unusual colour and design for my coasters. So ta-da, here are my Lavender Stars!

I have used Bliss Knitting cotton again.

I think they look kinda cute.

The five-pointed star was my favourite doodle during boring college lectures. It can still be found in some corner of my diary, my recipe book, even my grocery list. Give me a pen and the star is the first thing I doodle. Maybe that is why I liked this pattern.

Do you like them or do you think they look quaint?

Have a nice day!


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