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Friday 24 August 2012

Squared Away

Hi Girls, How are you? Waiting for the week to end.... yeah I know.

The company that DH works for has a six day week so we really look forward to Sundays as that is the only day he can relax...poor thing.

A warm hug to Kara from Petals to Picots. Kara has a wonderful site with lot of crochet info, resources, patterns and tutorials. A must visit site for any crochet addict.

During my coaster mania I showed you these Square coasters. I made these coasters using Bliss Knitting Cotton. As I really like this pattern I decided to make it once again using Laura knitting cotton this time. Laura is thicker than Bliss so I got a thicker and slightly larger coaster/doily.

This is as per the original pattern. It has four picots in the center of each petal. I thought the design might look better without the picots, so here is the second one I made.

Personally I like the second one better as I like picots only on the outer edge. When used within the design I feel picots look crowded.

So here are both the doilies.

And here they are "on duty".

In this next pic you can see the difference between Bliss knitting cotton and Laura knitting cotton.

Now for a not so pretty picture. I did mention that the reaction to the antibiotics caused my hands to swell with redness and irritation. The swelling and redness has gone away but as is always the case the skin now starts peeling away and this is what my palms look like.

Not a pleasant sight I know, and sorry about that. But this time I got away lightly with only the finger tips. This also means no contact with detergents, chillies, spices and any abrasive stuff for a few days. 

As this has happened in the past, DH has hired somebody to help with the cooking for a few weeks. Isn't that absolutely sweet of him?!!

I have yet to dig out all the bag handles from my stash so maybe tomorrow I will put up pictures of the handles.

PS: Is anybody watching/has watched the tele serial "Make It or Break It" a story about elite gymnasts preparing for the Olympics? I just love/adore Payson Keeler. Who is your favourite character?

So ciao until next time. Happy hooking. Take care.
Love xxx

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Yellow Gold

Who can resist the lure of this precious metal?! Gold has great significance in India. Your status is defined, in part, by the amount of gold you own. Of course the other trappings like a huge house, a posh car etc do count. Every new bride must wear real gold ornaments on the day of her wedding. Indian gold jewellery is the most beautiful jewellery in the world. Each part of the country has some unique designs which are peculiar to that state or community. 

So.... why not some gold for my table! Here are my golden coasters:

The yarn is Bliss knitting cotton, as usual.

That's all for now. Happy hooking, everybody.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Lavender Stars

I am so excited, Amanda from Crafty in the Med has awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award. 

 This is my second award and I am thrilled that she likes my blog as I just Love hers. It is certainly a warm feeling to know that somebody so far away is thinking of you! I will soon get down to nominating my favorite blogs.

A warm welcome to Goty and Daiana from El Crochet de Daiana. Daiana has some lovely dainty crochet items on her blog.

Don't you think Google Translate brings us closer to each other?  It is fun to translate and read blogs in so many different languages.

And now...continuing with my favourite topic - coasters. As crockery is available in different styles, colours and shapes, I thought why not use an unusual colour and design for my coasters. So ta-da, here are my Lavender Stars!

I have used Bliss Knitting cotton again.

I think they look kinda cute.

The five-pointed star was my favourite doodle during boring college lectures. It can still be found in some corner of my diary, my recipe book, even my grocery list. Give me a pen and the star is the first thing I doodle. Maybe that is why I liked this pattern.

Do you like them or do you think they look quaint?

Have a nice day!

Monday 23 July 2012

Even more coasters

Hello, Beautiful people. Got the Monday Blues?

I still remember that regardless of how wonderful the weekend was, I always looked forward to getting back to work on Monday. I loved my job. I really miss the bank, my colleagues, the endless cups of  tea. I confess I am a tea totaller......??? what is that?! Ha ha, it means I am a total tea addict. And any good tea cup needs a good coaster.

So back to my current obsession... coasters. Here are some more specimens:

Isn't that a fantastically dainty cup! And a square saucer... a first for me. Makes me want to have an elegant English tea party with my girlfriends. Maybe when we go back to Mumbai.

The colour of these coasters may seem boring, but in fact I think it is the ideal colour for coasters as tea/coffee stains won't show up so easily. I like the squarish design too.

What have you been up share! Love to hear from you so don't forget to write to me.


Sunday 22 July 2012

Some more coasters...

Well, I did say that I was on a Coaster run. So, here are some more coasters. This time I chose a deep blue colour and a rectangular shape. And that makes them look absolutely non-girly, doesn't it?

There is nothing dainty about these coasters and I think they look suitably stern enough for an office table. What do you say?

Bye for now. I hope your Sunday has got off to a good start. Do let me know if you had some hooky time.
Love xxx

Friday 20 July 2012

More coasters ...

Hello there! Are you having a wonderful day? I know you are...

Here is another set of coasters I made.

Looks like a doily, doesn't it? It is a set of six pineapple coasters in a lovely pineapple colour.

Reminds me of pineapple ice cream.

I have used Bliss knitting cotton and a 2 mm crochet hook.

So, do you like this set of coasters? Do let me know, I love your comments.

That's all for now. Ta-ta.
Love xxx

Thursday 19 July 2012

Coaster Rica

A post about my travel to foreign lands?! Sadly, no..... as I have never set foot out of the motherland, hoo. (Ahem... I hope Somebody is reading this!!)

Then is that a typo in the post title ? No!!

This is the project I promised to share with you. I am sorry I am a day late. My son is going on a class trip and I was busy helping him pack his bags.

But before that let me welcome Elena from Sew in love with Craft. Thank you for joining us.

I am on one of my "Utility" kicks again, which means whatever I make has to be pretty as well as useable. This time I am on a Coaster run and this is the first set I made.

Isn't that a cute pattern? I just love the strawberry and cream combination. I have used acrylic yarn with a 2.5 mm crochet hook.

If you like this pattern you can find it here at Favecrafts.

Some more delicious photos:

I just love "instant gratification" projects like these. Of course it is a different feeling, from the sense of achievement when you complete a large project.

I tried the same pattern in a different colour combination.

Which one do you like?

I had mail ordered some yarn which I received yesterday. A lot of yarn, well okay a ton of it actually! I will share my stash with you in a couple of days after I am done sorting them.

This morning I saw a squirrel on the tree outside my bedroom window. Can you spot it in the pic below?

No? Okay, take a closer look. 

See you later, crocheters
Bye, Love xxx

Friday 4 May 2012

Welcome to my blog.

Well, I  finally have my place under the blogosphere sun. After mulling over it for months, I finally decided to take the plunge and get on with it. This blog will serve as a journal for my crochet projects which I will be sharing with you along with pictures and maybe some free patterns too.

Here is some eye candy for the readers of my first post.

This doily is made with Bliss knitting cotton. I chose the three colours so that the rings really stand out in the design.

These coasters are made with 4 ply acrylic yarn. Absolutely cute ... no? My dear hubby  took two of these coasters for his office table so I can safely brag that they are lovely. They were made from a free pattern here .

Have a nice day.


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