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Monday 23 July 2012

Even more coasters

Hello, Beautiful people. Got the Monday Blues?

I still remember that regardless of how wonderful the weekend was, I always looked forward to getting back to work on Monday. I loved my job. I really miss the bank, my colleagues, the endless cups of  tea. I confess I am a tea totaller......??? what is that?! Ha ha, it means I am a total tea addict. And any good tea cup needs a good coaster.

So back to my current obsession... coasters. Here are some more specimens:

Isn't that a fantastically dainty cup! And a square saucer... a first for me. Makes me want to have an elegant English tea party with my girlfriends. Maybe when we go back to Mumbai.

The colour of these coasters may seem boring, but in fact I think it is the ideal colour for coasters as tea/coffee stains won't show up so easily. I like the squarish design too.

What have you been up share! Love to hear from you so don't forget to write to me.



  1. Hi Sangeetha !!!!!

    Lovely coasters !!!!!


  2. The tea-coasters are really beautiful! Actually, seeing these coasters, I am really tempted to start making them.
    By the way Sangeeta, the Ondori book that I have is very old one -published in the year 1977 and is titled "Crochet Lace".

  3. Such pretty coasters... when can I buy some :)) please tell me you sell them :P

  4. Hello Sangeetha
    Call into my blog when you can as I have left something for you on my latest post

    Amanda :-)


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