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Saturday 21 July 2012

Stash Saturday

I had promised to show you the yarn I had ordered. The yarn is called Laura Knitting cotton and is available in various colours.

So, here it comes:

Aren't the colours just gorgeous?! It does seem like a lot of yarn but as this yarn is not available in Ahmedabad, I thought of ordering a little more than required. The yarn was sent to me by "Pradhan Embroidery Stores" at Mumbai, and I must say that their service is very prompt. When I was in Mumbai I was a regular visitor to this store and I was very glad that they were willing to mail me the yarn at Ahmedabad.

Here is the whole stash ... so yummy, mwah.

Now to find a place to hide it before hubby sees it and feels dizzy.....ha ha.

The yarn is 100% cotton and quite thick. I am thinking of making bags and mandalas. Do you have any suggestions? I would love to hear them and get some new ideas.

Looking forward to your comments. I hope you have a Smashing Sunday.
Take care. Bye bye.


  1. Lovely colors Sangeetha!
    Good to hear about Pradhan Stores delivery to Ahbad.

    You can make cushion covers, jar covers, pot holders,more bags or can even hook up a wearable crochet item for urself :) Have fun with the planning and execution!

  2. finally you have recieved.Good.Now you can make bags,mandalas and even cushion covers.I am also very much happy for pradhan embroidery store's prompt service.
    BDW...Colours are just awesome.

  3. What a lovely stash you have. I envy u.
    :-) I have recently ordered Laura Knitting cotton. And I have quite a few projects in my mind.
    All small small things only.

    Sail Away Boat Pattern, Attic24 Happy Flower.Japanese Flower Hanging..
    Hope to do more.

  4. very lovely can make lovely mats with same colors or two or three colors.It can be placed on tea tables.

  5. dear sangeetha just now i begun to learn daughter brought lots of yarns from holland.please tell me if i want to use a hook of size 4mm what is the hook number in INDIA?

    1. Hi Daisy, A 4mm hook will have a UK marking as 8, a Japanese marking as 7/0 and a US marking as G/6. Most of the time 4mm will also be marked on the hook. Hope this information was useful.

  6. Hi Sangeetha, just read in some other blogs that some shades of Laura run. I was hoping to make a poncho. but now I am confused. What was your experience with Laura?


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