Friday 24 August 2012

Squared Away

Hi Girls, How are you? Waiting for the week to end.... yeah I know.

The company that DH works for has a six day week so we really look forward to Sundays as that is the only day he can relax...poor thing.

A warm hug to Kara from Petals to Picots. Kara has a wonderful site with lot of crochet info, resources, patterns and tutorials. A must visit site for any crochet addict.

During my coaster mania I showed you these Square coasters. I made these coasters using Bliss Knitting Cotton. As I really like this pattern I decided to make it once again using Laura knitting cotton this time. Laura is thicker than Bliss so I got a thicker and slightly larger coaster/doily.

This is as per the original pattern. It has four picots in the center of each petal. I thought the design might look better without the picots, so here is the second one I made.

Personally I like the second one better as I like picots only on the outer edge. When used within the design I feel picots look crowded.

So here are both the doilies.

And here they are "on duty".

In this next pic you can see the difference between Bliss knitting cotton and Laura knitting cotton.

Now for a not so pretty picture. I did mention that the reaction to the antibiotics caused my hands to swell with redness and irritation. The swelling and redness has gone away but as is always the case the skin now starts peeling away and this is what my palms look like.

Not a pleasant sight I know, and sorry about that. But this time I got away lightly with only the finger tips. This also means no contact with detergents, chillies, spices and any abrasive stuff for a few days. 

As this has happened in the past, DH has hired somebody to help with the cooking for a few weeks. Isn't that absolutely sweet of him?!!

I have yet to dig out all the bag handles from my stash so maybe tomorrow I will put up pictures of the handles.

PS: Is anybody watching/has watched the tele serial "Make It or Break It" a story about elite gymnasts preparing for the Olympics? I just love/adore Payson Keeler. Who is your favourite character?

So ciao until next time. Happy hooking. Take care.
Love xxx

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Kitchen Kompanion

Hi friends, How are you? I hope all of you are in the pink of health. The last few weeks really proved to me that Health is indeed Wealth.

A warm welcome to Mor Lotte at Familien Geleff Fonnesbech  and Rita Ataide (Rita, if you have a blog please let me have a link to it).

Now that I am up and about, I am happy to be back in my kitchen. Takeaway dinners are fun only when it is not compulsory, isn't it? So to celebrate I made one more potholder to  brighten my kitchen.

I really liked the centre of this potholder. What starts out as DC shells ends up as small circles which then form petals of a bigger flower.

This pattern is once again from Best free crochet. I am sorry I don't have a link to the pattern directly. It is a vast site with hundreds of patterns but not user friendly and finding your favourite pattern sometimes takes ages. But all the patterns are really cute and lovely.

Here are the potholders I made so far.

So, how do you like my kute kitchen kompanions?

Right now I am working on this Golden Evening Purse but I am not sure about the kind of handles I can add to it. Next time I will upload pictures of the handles I have and maybe you can give me your suggestions.

So cheerio until the next time. Happy hooking and hope you have a lovely week.

Love xxx


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