Thursday 30 August 2012

Birthday Bonanza

Hi friends. Aren't you glad that it is already Thursday? We are on the right side of the week. :)

Let me begin by welcoming our new friends;
          Ana from Tejedora de Nanduti,
          Beck from BECK to Vintage,
          Nilgun from Nilgun"den guluckler,
          Kamoni (Dear Kamoni, please let me have the link if you have a blog),
          TehSoune fromHooks and Yarn!,
and    Kevser from Kevser'in Penceresi.

It was my husband's birthday on Tuesday the 28th. The celebrations started at midnight (27th) where we kept up with our usual tradition of waking up the birthday person with the Happy Birthday song followed by cake cutting. This year my son decided to choose the gifts and the cake for Dad. So, this is the cake he bought:

We debated for a long time about the gift. It was difficult because what can you get for someone who already has most of the things. (My husband would have loved a ticket to Switzerland.... but as you imagine... way way beyond sonny's and my budget - LOL). After searching  the internet for some time we decided to get a few practical items. And these are the items we got,

A Nokia Bluetooth Headset.

And a set which included a Polo watch, a belt and a wallet;

I have my eye on that Polo tin. Would make a nifty storage for buttons and stuff. This set came with a pair of formal black shoes and a pair of Lotto sports shoes, but one disgusted look from my son prevented me from clicking photos of said item ... ha ha. (Secretly both my son and husband think I have gone bonkers, going around the house with a camera and clicking random objects, birds, books and balls of yarn!) If only they were aware of the pleasures of blogging. ;)
The day ended with a movie (not so good) and a visit to KFC (very very good.... definitely finger licking good). I was given strict instructions not to take the camera along. (He he)

And now for a Ta Da moment.....
Yesterday my brother did some techno tinkering with the blog (he is my 24x7 tech support for the blog and all other computer related stuff) and now my blog is in its own domain!! I think it is wonderful. Thanks dear Bro.

Friends, if you have not yet visited my Facebook page, please do and give me a "Like" there. I know it does not have anything much on it yet but I am working on it. Hmmm... I think I should start that right away. So see you soon.

Have a lovely day. Buh-bye.
Love xxx

Monday 27 August 2012

Monday Musings

Good afternoon, friends. I hope your Monday has got off to a roaring start. 
Is that groaning I hear out there?  Ha ha... don't worry we can groan together! 

Now as a SAHM for me Monday mornings only mean getting up a little early to make breakfast, and lunch for hubby to take to office.  Sunday mornings I am allowed to wake up a little late, but mainly because I think my husband thinks I just might kill someone if woken up too soon. Yeah..... I confess I am not a morning person and it takes a big pot of tea to bring me into the land of the living. 

But Monday mornings never fail to take me back to those days when I was a full time working mom. The only regret I have is that I never got to spend enough time with my little boy. I don't even remember watching him grow. Memories of hurried breakfasts, bus stop deadlines, dropping and picking him up from the babysitter's, PTA meetings, struggling to get the homework done before bed time and then off to sleep. Life was like a train hurtling down the fast track, you are sitting eagerly at the window with you nose pressed against the window. But stations just fly by before you can read the names and before you know it your destination has arrived.

Now that he is a teenager he is so busy with his smartphone, iPod, laptop and God knows what other fancy gadgetry, who has the time for parents? BUT yesterday he very sweetly agreed to drive me to the book fair as he loves to drive and he knows how crazy I am about books!!

And yes..... if you have not already guessed, that is my son posing at the steering wheel in my last post. 

And now (gleeful rubbing of hands) let me show you the treasures I acquired!

A couple of novels

Catherine Cookson

Catherine Cookson is not really my favourite author and I do find her books to be a tad depressing, but I have a weakness for fat books.... so there.

A few cookbooks 



Young housewife...who me? (He he) But seriously, this book has some great recipes and covers everything from soups to desserts. And also, because I often read cookbooks for reading pleasure. Especially the really descriptive and narrative ones where they go into stories about their childhood memories, how this dish was invented, and blah, blah blah. Yeah...good fun.

And now a lovely mouthwatering book

Cookies and Biscuits

I love baking but I don't bake nowadays as all three of us need to seriously lose some weight. (I can imagine my brother exclaiming "some weight!! write a lot of weight".)

This next book is chock-a-block with information and photos of my favourite deity Ganapatiji. And it was a real steal at that price.

 Of course, saving the best for last,

Join as you go Afghans

This is one lovely book with gorgeous, gorgeous projects. Absolutely fantastic afghan designs which deserve a "guided tour", which I will give you in a few days.

Kid's Quilt's Weekend

One more quilting book added to my bucket list. You know.... make at least one quilt before I die. LOL Now that I have totally four books it is high time I made at least ONE quilt...shame on me.

Well, now off I go as I have lots to do, which means deciding whether to drool over the afghan book OR the cookie book. Life is so full of tough decisions :)

See you soon, do let me know your Monday woes, keep your hooks busy and take good care of yourself. 
Love xxx


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