Friday 21 March 2014

First Crochet Baby wear

Crochet Iris Toddler Top

Hi friends,
Today I am so pleased with myself and I am dying to share this project with you. Which is the lovely, very cute Crochet Iris Toddler Top that I have successfully managed to complete. And I am thrilled with the result.

So Ta-Dah...

Iris Toddler Top

Isn't it super duper cute!! I have no idea yet as to how it will look on a toddler as there is no "toddler model" anywhere close to me. But doesn't matter, I am still very very happy with it.

Are you thinking that I seem to be dizzy with excitement? Well, I have a right to be as this is my first successfully completed wearable item with shaping and measurements.

Do you remember THIS dress! Well, eventually it became a baby blanket...phew!!

Granny square frock

Doesn't that skirt look ridiculously huge!! Poor baby would have toppled over with the sheer weight of the dress...LOL.

And then there was THIS cardigan set...

crochet cardigan set freepatterns

The bonnet turned out quite nice but I am having some problem with the front of the cardigan even after working on it twice. Anyway it is in my WIPs basket...maybe some day I will feel the love for it again.  :)

So now on to my masterpiece (hehe)... You can find the pattern for this cute Iris Toddler Top at My Hobby is (I like the name of the site) :) The designer Kinga has also released a new version of the pattern for 3 - 5 years, so take your pick.

The body of the top has two different shell patterns

Iris top detail

Iris top shell detail

The yoke has two tiny buttonholes and I used two pearls as buttons.

Crochet Iris top buttonholes

Iris Toddler top pearls

And the other side of the top...

Crochet toddler top

I am mighty pleased with it!! I think it looks very very cute. What do you say?

Now if only I could find a toddler to model it. Or maybe I could just wait for my grandchild...which means only a short wait of 5 - 6 years!  Oh no!!!!!!!

Crochet Iris Toddler top

So, what are you working on right now, do tell me. I am working on this stitch pattern which seems to be the current rage on the internet, wherever you turn....Facebook, Pinterest, crochet forums, ....this keeps popping up. It does not really require a pattern and I am hoping to have something nice to show you soon.

crochet interlocking pattern

Sunday 16 March 2014

Crochet Serenity Ripple scarf

Hello friends, Time is just flying and we are already into the third month of the year!

I am going to share one more item from my project collage. This is a wonderful ripple scarf and is a Free pattern. This scarf is made from the Serenity Ripple Scarf pattern at The Crochet Lounge. So, here goes:

Serenity ripple scarf

This is my second ripple project, the first one was this beautiful ripple blanket. But the scarf has a ripple pattern which is very different from the blanket.

The pattern is shown with gorgeous pink and purple but I quite like this combination of red and white too. Here is the stitch pattern in detail:

crochet ripple scarf detail

I added a fringe just for fun, the pattern has a different edging. The Crochet Lounge has lots of other free patterns for hats, cowls, wristers etc.

Crochet red and white ripple scarf

crochet serenity ripple scarf

See you soon, until then Happy Crafting. And before I sign off, here is some interesting information I found on Facebook;

Well, it is definitely reason number 4 for me!!  LOL



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