Wednesday 17 October 2018

Baby steps and lots to share

Namaste friends, Mumbai is bedecked with flower garlands, strings of colourful lights and everywhere you can hear music that makes you want to get on your feet and dance. All this is in celebration of Navratri - the festival that celebrates Shakti - woman power, and the triumph of good over evil. I have mentioned a bit more about Navratri in this post.

Nav also means New and my BFF Ashlesha egged me on that there is no better time to begin my new foray back into blogging, to write my first post for 2018. So a big thanks to her for her encouragement.

Ahem... by the way, did you see I mentioned Mumbai above! Yes, my friends, we have finally moved back to Mumbai our hometown and we are thrilled to bits. :)
Seven years is a long time to spend away from your family, siblings and friends. But I will always have fond memories of Ahmedabad - the clean and beautiful roads, the tons of fast food options and of course the lovely friends I have there.

Year 2018 brought a lot of wonderful things for us;
- Hubby was offered a new job in Mumbai - hence the move back,
- we shifted to a new house near his workplace, where I got one room especially for my yarn!!
- our son completed his Masters and
- we went to the US for his convocation!! 

Unfortunately, in all this excitement, my blog was neglected, but always on my mind. Now how does one get back into things after such a long gap? With baby steps of course! :)

Now the good thing is that through all this, I was crocheting like crazy. Had to, as that is the only thing that kept me from going bonkers. Even crocheted on the plane from Mumbai to Atlanta and then back from New York to Mumbai! I have a set of wooden crochet hooks specially bought for this purpose. Can't afford to lose my special favourite hooks in airport security, you see. ;)

Here are pics of some of the items I have made. Each item will get a separate post later with all the details.

Flowers in my window cowl crochetkari

Pastel C2C blanket crochetkari

Cardamom blossoms crochetkari

Lydia crochet blanket crochetkari

Puff and shell cowl

Crochet flower cowl crochetkari

If you have reached this point, thank you so much for visiting my blog and sticking around. Do watch for the next post as there will be free patterns.

I have added tons of crochet books to my collection which I will share in a later post.

Also, I am now conducting crochet classes and I am super excited about it. More details will be shared on the blog later.

Let me know which of the above projects has piqued your interest.
Or just drop a few lines in the comments. it will mean a lot to me.

See you later, crafters :)

Sunday 31 December 2017

Happy New Year!

Namaste friends, I hope you are looking forward to 2018. I certainly am, and I am hoping it is filled with tons of crafty goodness. Sending you loads of heartfelt best wishes.



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