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Thursday 10 May 2012

How does your garden grow.....

This question is not for Mary who is quite contrary, but for my brother S, who is  passionate about his gardening hobby. He has a variety of plants in his garden, like ferns, gladioli, petunias, zinnias, hibiscus, Song of India, chlorophytum, coleus, herbs like coriander and curry leaves, and vegetables like chilly and spinach.

His current obsession is the Adenium and already he has some 20 pots of adeniums.

Have a look at his very first gorgeous gladioli blooms.

Some more of his wonderful flowers,



Cute little critters guarding the blooms!

Birds of feather...snack together!

 The result of all this vigorous gardening is that now he has run out of "floor space". To cut a long story short, I decided to try my hand at Macramé (after a gap of 20 years) and make some hanging plant holders so that he can have a mid-air garden.

I wanted a simple and quick pattern. Ta-da, this is the result.

I love these leopard print beads, don't you?

See you later. Please feed my fish at the bottom of this page, thank you.


  1. What are those jars from which sparrows are feeding?

    1. Hi Aalap,
      The jars are bird feeders which are available ready made in Mumbai. Maybe you will get them here too.

  2. These bird feeders are available from


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