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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Mint and Chocolate

Sometimes you come across a pattern and you are overcome by the urge to make it, regardless of its utility. One such pattern is the Apple cozy/jacket. After seeing lots of lovely photos on the internet I managed to locate the pattern here, and immediately decided that I HAD to make it.

I chose a mint green yarn, which would look nice against the red colour of the apple. To break the monotony of the green, I made three stripes of chocolate brown. I stayed up late in the night to finish it.

Hubby dear likes apples and usually takes one to office for lunch. I wanted to show off my cozy in the morning.
What follows below is the scene in my house the next morning:

Me: Shoved an apple into the cozy, buttoned it up and proudly extended it towards my hubby.

HD: Looks at it suspiciously but makes no attempt to touch it and asks "What is this?"

Me: Proudly of course, "It's a cozy, a cover for your lunch apple. Somewhat like a sweater."

HD: "Why does my lunch apple need a sweater? It is not even cold outside."

Me: "To protect your apple when you put it in your bag."

HD: "I have been putting apples in my bag and they have always survived the ordeal."

Me: "Well, this will prevent it getting poked by pens, flash drives, chargers, keys and things you have in the bag."

HD: "You really want me to take this to office, you are aware that I have lunch with my colleagues and ....

Me: "Well, I have made it and now you HAVE to take it to office."

Hubby dear takes the apple from me (cozy and all) and shoves it into the deepest corner of his bag, hoping I suppose that nobody in his office will notice it.

So much for appreciation!!......(ha ha) ;)

PS: Recently I came across a pattern for a banana cozy, haven't made it yet but ... banana for lunch......anybody?

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