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Friday 3 August 2012

Sneak, peek and click

I am sure you are curious to know what I was expecting, atleast I hope you are. Well, I was looking forward to getting some customers for my restaurant. Ha ha..... no, I don't have a real restaurant.

This is what I am talking about:

a  practical and handy bird feeder. 

A year back my brother hung up a couple of these feeders hoping to attract sparrows. And with very good results as you can see below:

This prompted me to try the same at my house. So I asked him to get me a similar feeder, filled it up with rice and hung it up.

And then I waited and waited and waited. I was ready to give up but Bro said these things take time. Birds are not very trusting by nature.

After almost five weeks, one afternoon when Hubby and I were having tea, I saw my guests arrive for the feast. I dare not go closer to the balcony so I snapped my pics right from where I was sitting which is why the pics are not very clear. And yes... a good blogger keeps the camera handy, even while having tea with hubby ....LOL.

I clicked a lot of pics hoping to get a good shot so please bear with me.

I think they are Red Vented Bulbuls, but I am no expert on birds.

Here you get a glimpse of the red feathers that give this bird its name.

Okay, now what's with the post title. Well, that is how I got these photos. I sneak towards the balcony on tiptoe (as much tiptoe as my XL frame allows....LOL), I peek from behind the curtains and click when they start pecking.

I had put up the feeders for sparrows, as their numbers are dwindling, but as long as some bird is enjoying it I am happy. One way of inviting nature into your home ...what say?

A post without crochet? Seems incomplete, so I will just put in a pic. This is for my new readers who may not have scrolled to the very end or should I say the very beginning of my blog.

Isn't that a sexy looking doily?! I enjoyed making it and I hope you like it too.
I will be posting about my rainbow mandala in the evening, so do come back soon.

Love xxx


  1. Hi Sangeetha

    Very satisfying to see them peck away...mmmm? Lat year my daughter had a project in school to make a bird nest. We both enjoyed making it. I'll post it on my blog one of these days. I kept it in my balcony after the project. May be it was too close to activity. The birds never made it their home :( Doesn't matter. After reading about sparoow numbers dwindling, we regularly put grains and chapatis for the birds. Keep a bowl of water Sparrows are rarely seen. Squirrels and bulbuls are regular visitors.

  2. Why are the sparrows dwindling? We have mostly sparrows along with doves and pigeons here. Unfortunately, I do know that young boys think it is fun to use slingshots on them which is awful. Today we are in the midst of a dust storm. Yuck! Crochet is on the agenda, of course. Your doily is lovely. With those rings in the middle, you could make an Olympic themed doily. :) Best wishes, Tammy


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