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Saturday 18 August 2012

Anybody but myself

Hello there, my lovely friends. I am back after another forced hiatus, this time due to an adverse reaction to antibiotics. Inspite of informing my doctor that antibiotics don't suit me, he insisted on giving me amoxycillin and as the evening progressed my face and hands were swollen and my legs were covered with an angry red rash. Next morning he saw my condition, injected me with an antihistamine and told me to stop taking the antibiotics, well things were closed from his end. And now I have to bear this itchiness and peeling skin for the next 7-8 days. Can't beat what is destined, I suppose!

This reminds me of the quotation "Man proposes, God disposes", well Woman in this case. Would you believe it, I had decided to try and write one post a day in the month of August, just to see if I could actually manage 31 posts in a month. I think competition starts with yourself, trying to better your own record, whether it is finishing a report in the shortest time possible, cooking for the largest dinner party you have ever hosted, crocheting a tablemat in 6 days or even writing 31 posts in a month. In short I don't have to compete with anybody but myself.

Crochet was out of question for the last few days due to red, irritated palms, so I will let you in on the details of a mini competition I had some time back, with myself of course.

Last year we went to Mumbai on a short 6 day trip. As usual my hook and yarns accompanied me. I had chosen two colors, a cream and a coral colored yarn. I had these yarns in my stash since the past 16 years!! The three items I had made with these yarns had already been grabbed by my friends, so I decided to use the remainder yarn to make a shawl for myself or atleast a scarf. I had found a lovely motif pattern and I decided to make two color motifs and join them even though I hate weaving in ends. 

I managed to make about 5 or 6 motifs on the way to Mumbai. Upon reaching Mumbai, my brother had one look at the WIP and said that since the colors match his curtains he wants it for his centre table and that I should cut short any ideas of shawls or scarfs and make it into a table mat. The colors did match his curtains perfectly so I agreed with him. But I had only 4 days left and sending it to him by courier from Ahmedabad would have cost more than the mat. So there was nothing left to do but start working at top speed, which meant crocheting in every spare moment I could get.

Well, I did manage to complete it, weaving in the last few ends exactly two minutes before we were due to start on our return journey!! As there was no time for "posed" photos, be prepared for some shabby photos taken with my mobile phone camera.

A close up of the motifs. My brother and my sister-in-law both are pleased with it, so I can safely say Mission accomplished :)

Now on to the next competition. As soon as the soreness of my my palms is gone I am going to try to make another Granny mandala in one day as the last one took me two days. Isn't that going to be fun?! I just can't wait!

That is all for today. I am still hoping to get the maximum number of posts up for the month of August, or whatever is left of it.

Till then take care, happy hooking and lots of smiling.


  1. Hi

    Everything can wait. Take care of your health first. Let the soreness of the hands subside. You can do at double the speed later.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Thanks for the kind advice, Aishwarya. Yeah, I think I will just wait till the soreness and redness subsides. Crochet ke liye toh zindagi padi hai...hai na? Ha ha!!
    Lots of love.

  3. I do hope you're feeling better. Your crochet is beautiful. Gorgeous pattern. No wonder your brother and sister in law are so pleased :) Maggie xx

  4. Get yourself better first. Doctors, they are wonderful when we need them but they need to learn to listen to us also. BTW, lovely pattern. Get better soon.



  5. Hi !!!

    Sorry to hear about your health. A normal cold can become so bad I didn't know. But then life in itself is very unpredictable. Full of surprises. Still very happy to see you are trying to keep up with the blog posts you hv decided to do. The pattern is looking really nice & beautiful.

    Bye & take care of yourself


  6. Hi Sangeetha,
    You are truly a devoted crocheter to even think about crochet with your hands in such sad shape! Get well soon and please keep in touch. Boo


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