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Saturday 27 October 2012

A Long Spell

Hello there, beautiful people. Remember me? Are you still with me or have you moved on to a more crafty, witty and regular blog? I wouldn't be surprised if you have. But I am hoping against hope that you are out there and that you have been checking my blog once in awhile. 

I know there has been a long spell of silence from my side. There is no particular reason for that. And thankfully, no "sick" stories this time, God knows I had quite a few of those in the past couple of months. Actually I was just a little bit distracted. I also think I had Blogger's block. (Is there such a thing?)  I did have a lot of things/stories to share but just could not sit down and put them in words! 

Another reason being that my dear mother-in-law accompanied us on the trip back from Mumbai and most afternoons are spent chatting with her. Or rather she reminiscing about the good old days and me making the right noises at the right time. No, I am not being rude. I do agree with her that the good old days were really good and uncomplicated and happy and of course so much cheaper. Not much I can add to that conversation! Also it seemed impolite to go clackity-clack at the keyboard while she was  so eagerly taking me on a "Golden Days" journey.

Okay, okay I know excuses, excuses! Maybe I should just admit that I was lazy. But of course I was very much online and in these past few days I visited most of you out there and even gave my "valuable" comments on some of your posts.

In the meantime, a lot of new friends have joined us, so let me begin by welcoming them;
           Onilda e Maria Isabel at Cantinho do artesanto Nina e Bel
           Cat at Through the Eyes of a Domestic Goddess
           Bobi Jensen at Western Warmth
           Maven at Fiber P*rn
and    Mitzi Christian

Now for the real McCoy, the pansy doily was not working out as I would have liked so I frogged it. Now I am searching for another Pansy doily pattern. To cover up my disappointment I made a lovely yellow/mustard doily. Only two more rounds to go so I shall be sharing that with you soon.

Since last week, I have a young girl coming to learn crochet in the afternoons. At age 25 she is an associate professor at CEPT Ahmedabad..... Wow!! She teaches History of Architecture and comes over to my place in the afternoons during her lunch break.  She is not regular but I like her dedication. I love teaching crochet and I am hoping that more and more women in India will take it up as a hobby and also as a stress buster. 

And now for the news that I am dying to share. On Sunday the 28th, I shall be meeting one of my blogger friends, for the very first time. Isn't that just super!! After commenting on each others blogs for a few weeks we realised that we stay in the same state. We kept planning to meet each other some day and now after months of waiting I finally get to meet her on Sunday as we will be in her city to visit my aunt. I am sure that bloggers do this all the time. But this is a first for me, and I am soooo excited. I hope the meeting goes off better than expected and we have lots of stories to share. I will certainly tell you about our get together, wish me luck.

A picture-less post. Nah...that would be boring. So I am going to share this doily I made a long time ago. I am sorry I do not have the link to the pattern.  :(

I love the way the petals overlap each other.

My MIL says it is too pretty to be used as a hot pad.

So, finally THE SPELL has been broken. ;) Maybe for a change I should try a Wordless post. Hmmm..... a post without my jabber jabber. Very difficult but I will try it someday in the future.... distant future you see.

But until then, I will be back with some more exciting news, a "First" of another kind, soon.
So take care, happy hooking or knitting or scrap booking or cooking or whatever makes you tick. Enjoy life, you only live once and Thank you for visiting me.

Love xxx


  1. Ah, so glad you are back. I have missed reading what's going on in your world. I have been checking Google Reader for posts from you. I am so happy the cause wasn't sickness but stories from your MIL. Have a great weekend.


  2. I find it very difficult to do that! It is very, very nice! I find it very, very original! Congratulations for your work! You are a great artist!

  3. Glad to have you back! I can relate to bloggers block and being distracted! Your doily is incredible!

  4. Hi Sangeetha, This is a most lovely pattern with the overlapping petals! So nice visiting with you again :)

  5. Thank you dear friends, for visiting me and giving me your sweet comments. Feels good to be back with all of you.

  6. Hi, Sangeetha! Very glad to have you back to blog and get some news from your side.Can imagine your talks to MIL...hehe,, that is what we all do :)I like your doily and the pattern is very unique. I was thinking of teaching crochet here too, or any other crafts :)Glad you got so many more readers since the time I joined your blog too. Have a lovely time with your aunt and your fellow blogger.
    Take care,

  7. Hey guess what?? My MIL has also come over here in HK from India. I am having a great time, catching up and any adult company besides my 3 yr old girl is always welcome :) Have fun meeting your blogger friend, when i am in Ahmadabad next year will surely try to meet u :)

    1. Dear Rajeswari, Please do contact me the next time you are in India. I would love to meet you. I can understand your need for adult company. With hubby busy at his job and only my silent, sulky (aren't they all) teenager for company, I too get desperate for some sensible adult conversation. :) Enjoy your MIL time and do keep in touch.

  8. That doily is lovely. How long is your MIL staying? I hope you are crocheting while she is reminiscing. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  9. your blog !
    Have a nice week.

  10. Now.. that is such lovely stuff :-)


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