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Friday 23 November 2012

Knitty gritty

Hi friends, How are you? Once again,I am posting after a long break. Feeling a bit under the weather, listless and also a little uneasy. But that did not stop me from visiting all of you.....even if sometimes I did not leave any comments.

Finally decided to go for a check up. The diagnosis is a complex cyst on my left ovary. Surgery is the only option and I may be getting admitted to hospital next week. This is not the first surgery I am having but that does not stop me from being a little scared. So wish me luck.

On the crafty side I did actually manage to finish the knitted  scarf for my husband. 

I added a fringe just for fun. You can see the different colors in the yarn, in the fringe.

I really like the texture produced by the pattern.

Now that my knitted project is complete I am thinking maybe I should knit a little more. But I am slow knitter and that is not very encouraging.

The best part about this project is that my son and my hubby are now debating about who actually "deserves" this scarf and I am glad that both of them have liked it.

My head is buzzing with lot of new project ideas. But I think they will have to wait till I am back home from the hospital.

I had planned to make different rangolis to share with you. But I finally ended up making only one! The rest of the time I was busy with eating out and watching newly released movies.   :)
So anyway here is the only rangoli I made this Diwali.

This is a very small rangoli I made on the first day hoping to make a bigger one later. But of course that did not happen!

Here is my rangoli at night with the earthen lamps I showed you in my last post.

Isn't that a pretty sight!

Rangoli powder in lovely colours.

Well, that is all for now. Next time I will show you the small item I crocheted for my MIL before she left for Mumbai.

Take care,
Love xxx


  1. My wishes and prayers for you! Hope you get back to your 110% soon and i am sure you will. Take care of your health, rest can wait. But lovely knitted scarf you have done, i know why they are fighting over it :)

  2. Dear Sangeetha! I wish all the best and good results after surgery.Get well soon and present more of your lovely crochet works!
    I'm loving the scarf, looks very sweet and like those brushes you made on the ends, so no wonder your husband and son having a fight for it :)Hugs, Anna.

  3. My wishes for your good health.
    The scarf looks great and the texture is just wonderful.

  4. Nice scarf ! :) may be you can keep a fun competition between the dad-son duo to win it ;) your Rangoli is pretty! I liked the idea of making on a dark slab. My corridor is in White marble so I had to draw white lines very thick to have my daughter differentiate and fill it with colors. Hope you recover soon and find some crochet time in hospital too!

  5. Hi

    Good that you did not postpone your visit to the doc for diagnising what is wrong which most people do... including me. I hate going to a doc and postpone going to one unless, it is so bad that there is no choice. So good girl. Take care. All the best. I know how it feels. Please engage yourself into something so that those thoughts of the hospital go a little away. Say a little prayer whenever you feel anxious and nervous. My best wishes to you dear

    Take care

  6. A big Thank You to all my dear friends for your kind words and best wishes.

  7. It's understandable to be scared anytime you have to be put under anesthesia. I had surgery on my cervix about 6 years ago and I had the same unease, but I'm sure everything will be just fine. Your rangoli is very pretty. There was an Indian restaurant here called Rangoli -- so very beautiful with framed Indian quilts decorating the walls -- even big ones from floor to ceiling. Gave me the idea to frame one for behind my bed. The scarf for you husband turned out nice. I don't know how to knit but like the look. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  8. Hi Sangeetha. I wish you all the best. Sending you lots of good wishes and a ((hug)) for comfort. :)

  9. Good luck for the surgery! Yes its scary, but thats ok. It will make you feel better, later.
    I love the scarf and the texture as well. Gr8 going!
    And the yarn that I used for the ripple scarf is vardhman's baby soft. Its really soft!
    I sent you msg on g+ , nt sure if you got them.
    Rangoli with diyas look awesome. I am sure you had a great diwali.
    Take care!

  10. Sending you loads of positive vibes Sangeetha .....don't worry now I know its scary.....but it will be over very very quick and you feel so much better afterwards.

    think of good things!

    Amanda :-)

  11. No wonder I have not heard from you so much lately. I did email you to try and get you to tell me what is wrong. I miss you so much. You will see, the surgery will go well, and you will come back to all your friends and family feeling much better. Take your time you need, but hurry too because I need you in my life.

  12. Dear Sangeetha, I am sending you hugs filled with love. I know you are scared but soon it will be done and you will be back to crocheting and knitting and doing all those projects stored in your head. Take care, my dear, and be sure to take the time to rest and heal.


  13. Sangeetha,
    Hugs to you. May you be well and feel at peace.

  14. Olá amiga adorei seu blog e já estou te seguindo,venha conhecer meu blog e ser minha seguidora também.Bjus!

  15. Hi sangeetha
    Hope you have recovered by now totally and is back to crochetting


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