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Tuesday 14 October 2014

Monet Garden shawl

Hello gorgeous gals! How are you today? So glad you joined me here. I cannot thank you lovely ladies enough for your sweet comments about my interview. You, my friends, really keep me going. 

Some time back I shared my corner to corner blanket with you along with the video tutorial by one of my crochet gurus, Mikey from The Crochet Crowd. Today I have a beautiful shawl to show you. The pattern is by another favourite crochet teacher I follow, Clare of Bobwilson123. Clare has tons of wonderful crochet videos and psst...let me share a secret...I love her accent.

This pattern is the I Love Rainbows Shawl and is a beautiful granny shawl. It also has a delicate border. You can get the video here and the written pattern here.

crochet granny triangle shawl

It is a lovely pattern and the video is very good too. I think the shawl has just turned out gorgeous, what do you say? The original shawl has been made in lovely rainbow colours but I used a variegated yarn I had in my stash. 

The yarn is acrylic but has a lovely mohair-like fuzzy feel to it. My shawl is a bit bigger than the pattern and while the granny design can be a bit monotonous, what kept me going was the delicate, beautiful border. I wanted to start working on the border so I speed-crocheted through the shawl.

i love rainbows crochet granny shawl

For some visual interest I used a peach variegated yarn for the border and the panel in the center. I have not blocked the shawl yet, therefore the edges are curly.

The shawl is quite sumptuous and cozy.
crochet rainbow triangle shawl

The shawl reminds me of a Monet garden painting. You know, you see little flecks of yellow, a dab of lavender and dashes of various shades of green. Then you stand back , and lo and behold, it is a gorgeous garden with a water body and hanging foliage, vivid flowers, and the more you stare at it the more elements you discover in the garden. I was not very impressed with this yarn but upon completion the shawl looked so pretty and delicate, just like a Monet garden! 

crochet variegated yarn triangle shawl

The shawl measures 68" by 34" and weighs about 375 grams. I used a 4.50 mm crochet hook.

You can get this shawl in my Etsy shop.

crochet triangle granny shawl

Of course the "official" photo on the swing where all WIPs are christened as Finished is a must...LOL!!  :D

Hope to see you soon. Do let me know if you have started making your handmade gifts yet. I am looking forward to Diwali but only because hubby will be getting a few days leave. But not enough to visit Mumbai...sadly, and Diwali is no fun when you are so far away from family and friends!!  :(


  1. It's a gorgeous shawl - I love all the beautiful colors. Have a great day Sangeetha. :)

  2. Lovely shawl Sangeetha . The pastel colors in the pattern give it a very feminine look :)

  3. Fantastic shawl,I would love it for my t -shirt,great work

  4. Your shawl is looking pretty :) You have been making big projects very fast. Which yarn is this?

  5. That's a very nice shawl in sweet colours. Well done!

  6. It's turned out beautiful, I love the colours, I made this shawl too in teal and navy and I just loved it. :)

  7. It is a beautiful shawl! I love it!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  8. Hi dear.... Friends are close by :) Do drop in during Diwali Hols

    ANd yes... the shall has turned out very nice. Winter is just round the corner... Finally... Ah!

  9. Sorry I'm so slow in commenting. I read your post on my tablet but it won't let me comment and I have been having a lazy weekend and day today. I think this shawl is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors. Hugs, Sharon

  10. There is an award for you on my blog !

  11. Nice job! The name you gave your project is perfect. The colors match the painting well.

  12. Lovely blog i saw you thrue other blogger...nice posts to read...blessings ❤

  13. Wonderful! ♥ Pretty colors and nice edging :-)

  14. That is a very lovely shawl. I've only ever made one, but should try and make some more. Best wishes, Tammy

  15. First time visiting your blog..lovely shawl :)

  16. wonderful... this is a nice pattern... i've used this to make scarf....

  17. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours, they are so delicate and sweet. Happy crocheting, Marjan

  18. Very pretty shawl ! I hope you still have it:)


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