Crochetkari: Have you found your CALing?

Thursday 17 March 2016

Have you found your CALing?

Namaste friends, so have you found your calling yet? Don't worry I am not asking about any deep life calling or purpose of life etc. :) What I mean is crochet CALs.

My crochet Word of the Year 2016 is CAL and there seem to be so many just CALing (ahem) I mean calling out to me. I am having a tough time making up my mind and choosing between them. Some of the projects are from 2015 and some are new while some are yet to be released but definitely scheduled for 2016. So here goes;

This one is not exactly a CAL but a new pattern just released by the lovely Dedri at Lookatwhatimade. It is a gorgeous granny square blanket and the rose border is to die for. I am in love with the border and i suspect that is what is spurring me on. 

crochet lydia blanket

This is an amazing project once again by the very talented Dedri. It is huge and will be the largest project I have ever attempted and completing it will be a challenge. I am not sure about my colour choices but I am also on a stash busting spree.

crochet sophies universe

3. Queen Mandala
This CAL is a gorgeous mandala for which you have to join THIS Facebook group. New instructions are released every week and the CAL is on week 10. I have just reached week 4. What do you think, do the colours go together?

crochet/hekel mandala cal 2016

Yarn: For all the above projects I have used a yarn brand called Ruby from Ludhiana. The yarn comes in gorgeous colours and has a mohair like feel but the yarn is thicker than DK weight.

Hook: I am using a 5.00 mm hook for all these projects.

Some more CALs I hope to do this year:
Sunny Log Cabin blanket by Attic24. I plan on busting my Stylecraft yarn stash for this blanket. You can see my stash HERE.

Lily Pond Blanket - Beautiful blanket by Jane Crowfoot, with huge gorgeous flowers. May have to order yarn for this one. Yay! excuse to buy more yarn. (Happy dance...happy dance)

AND a few more that are soon to be revealed!!
Frida's Flowers - once again by Jane Crowfoot, from 5th April. Once again with ginormous flowers and I am sure lots of new techniques. I am so curious about this one!
FRAN Mystery CAL - a manghan. Part 1 was revealed on 7th March. Maybe something special for sonny boy.
Mandala Madness CAL - a circular blanket with 18 weekly parts, beginning on 17th March '16.

In my next post I am going to list some more CALs 2016, which I came across while doing research for this post. So if you are tempted to start one but none of the above appeal to you, worry not. But do start something after all it is NatCroMo!  :D

Until then, ciao.


  1. your CAL's look gorgeous..I have joined year-along afghan CAL in ravelry. This year I plan to make a few blankets.

  2. Hi Sangeetha! Loved seeing your colorful projects! You know I love making mandalas... meditative.
    I have many ongoing projects, but have very little time to make them.. hence not attempting any big one now.

    I would love to see all your finished creations... wishing you inspiration and to have more time for this!

  3. Have fun with CALs Sangeetha.... beautiful ones. They are so colourful. Specially the Lily Pond blanket

  4. Oh wow, you have some big projects going on. I'm mostly doing charity or gift crochet so no time for much else. And definitely prefer simple projects that I can finish quickly. I like all your color choices. :)

  5. What fine pieces of work.... I failed miserably in my attempts at joining any CAL. I gave it all up and I'm not proud of it...

    1. Hi Cherie, Please don't give up. Maybe you could join a small project CAL. I see you have some lovely projects on your blog. Loved the baby dress and those gorgeous blankets!

  6. Hi Sangeetha, the mandala looks really pretty. I am a beginner in crochet and would like to ask places to buy yarn from in ahmedabad. Thanks

    1. Hi Tanvi, You can try the yarn vendors at Lal Darwaja.


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