Crochetkari: Mandala mania 2 - Aqua n orange

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Mandala mania 2 - Aqua n orange

Namaste friends, did you like the mandala in the last post? I loved it so much, I thought One good mandala deserves another, isn't that right?

So I went on to make another one. I decided to use totally different colours, absolutely different from the previous colour choice.

Here goes Aqua n Orange:

crochet lotus flower mandala

Isn't it gorgeous!! Even if I say so myself ;)

While I'm loving the mandala as a whole after completion I had doubts about the "sunflower" in the center. What do you think, does it go with the colour scheme?

I like the way the white stands out and makes the other colours pop.

crochet lotus flower mandala

Just changing the colours produced such a dramatic effect. It looks like a totally different pattern! Only on close inspection do you realise that it is the same pattern.

All materials are same as the last mandala and you can check out the details HERE.

crochet lotus flower mandala

Okay, only two more pics :)

crochet lotus flower mandala

crochet lotus flower mandala

Can you tell I am in love with it!! 

I can't wait to see what you'll have been up to. So I will be blog surfing for the next few hours.

See you later, crocheter :)


  1. It's beautiful, just looking at it makes you happy. :) x

  2. It's pretty and colorful!! Why don't you join doily event on the Ravelry group 'crafty dozen'.

  3. awesome. It is like this. colour combi that you like may not be the choice of another. Best is to stick to our instinct. what say?

  4. 15. *9dc in 3ch, 1sc in the 5:e dc on row 13 and over the 5ch on row 14* see picture 15.

    Hi Sangeeta
    Can you please clarify the above written instructions for round 15 of 'lotus mandala flower pattern'
    Thank You

    1. Hi Ashwini,
      After working 9dc into the ch3 space made in round 14 you have to work a sc into 5th dc of ROUND 13 which means the ch5 of round 14 will also get caught in this sc.
      Let me know if this solves your query :)


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