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Thursday 12 July 2012

Rainy Days

The rain gods have finally relented and decided to shower their blessings on us. Yes, it has been raining for the past couple of days. The trees are looking greener, the heady scent of wet earth is wafting through the air and even the air is feeling cleaner. The fact that we did not have power for the better part of the day yesterday, may be a side effect. But given the blessed relief from the unbearable heat, the rains are always welcome.

My post for yesterday was to be WIPs Wednesday, a round up of all incomplete projects in my WIP basket. But no power = no post :( It may not have made good reading but it was more for updating myself. Maybe some other time.

Since I was forced to stay indoors due to the wet weather, I decided to try my hand at a thread pattern. Ever since I started working with yarn, I find it difficult to work with thread. But I wanted to have a crack at this beautiful heart bookmark.

So here it is:

Now isn't that a beautiful heart?

The shaded thread gives it a lovely look.

Here it is duly tasseled, ready to be sent. Where? To my friend Vrushali, who is also my physiotherapist. She is the first good friend I made after shifting to Ahmedabad. She is excellent as a therapist and as a person too. She is never seen without a book in hand, so I was sure she would like a bookmark.

Vrushali is so thrilled with the bookmark that she has now decided to learn to crochet. She is hoping to have a small gift ready for her sister who is going to deliver next month. I hope so too.

 Do you like this bookmark? I hope to make a few more soon in many different colours.

Bye for now.

Saturday 5 May 2012

Kitty kitty...

My sis-in-law C is a cat lover and lived with her four cats, (though I secretly feel that the cats think that it is their house and that She was living with them!). They have full access to the house and park themselves wherever they feel like. After marriage to my brother, she had to leave the poor darlings with her Mom as my brother is not a pet person. Seeing her pining for her cats and petting every stray cat she came across, I decided to give her something that will remind her of her babies. She is also an avid reader, so I made these Kitty bookmarks for her.

Cats with blue and green eyes!! Yeah I know they look a bit funny, but I was in a hurry to mail the bookmarks to her so I could not wait for stick-on eyes from the craft store.

Here they are stapled and ready for the Purrst-office.

She absolutely loved them, eyes and all.  If you like them too, drop me a line and I will mail the pattern to you.


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