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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Stash Saturday

Hello dear friends, Are you looking forward to the weekend? I certainly am, because tomorrow I get to meet my bloggy friend Aishwarya.

Yesterday I spoke about another "first" that I want to share with you. From the title it must be obvious that it has something to do with my stash. But this stash is very special as it has come to me from across the seven seas from another  blogger friend, dear Debi at Dly's Hooks and Yarns.

A few days back I saw that Debi had put up some balls of size 10 crochet thread  for sale. Size 10 crochet thread is not available here so I immediately contacted Debi whether she would be willing to send the thread to India if I paid the cost plus shipping. When Debi replied very sweetly that not only would she send me the thread but that it was a gift for me I just could not believe my eyes. I read the email once again (well, actually thrice, lol) to confirm it and then I jumped with joy. [Okay with my "dainty" frame it was only a hop, but you get the idea.]  ;)
My folks, as usual, thought that I was finally losing IT due to too much crochet!!!

The thread arrived on the 25th. Six lovely balls of Aunt Lydia's crochet thread in delicate colours. Would you like to see my lovely gift? 

Well, here it is:

Aren't the colours just gorgeous. A lovely gift from a wonderful friend. Thank you Debi for this beautiful gesture. 

For a long time I had no idea what a Giveaway was. When I learned what they actually were, I did enter a few but I was never lucky to win any. So this is the first time that I am receiving something from a blogger friend, so I am rightfully and proudly very thrilled about it. My husband could not believe it that someone who has never met me has actually sent me a lovely gift. Well, if only he know the pleasures and perks of Blogdom!!

I am now planning on hosting a Giveaway when my Followers reach the 100 mark. So, come on readers, if you have been following my blog for some time, click the button and make it official. And don't forget to mention your blog name in the comments so that I can follow you too.

Have a rocking weekend. Take care and Thank you for visiting.

Love xxx

Friday, 5 October 2012

Hi, I am back

Hello there, my lovely friends. How are you? Did you miss me? Well. I sure hope so, because I really missed all of you.

I am back from a two week trip to Mumbai for Ganeshotsav. We had a very nice time down there and caught up with a lot of our friends and relatives. But on a personal note, the trip was not very successful for me. More about that later.

First let me welcome our new friends;
           Angelique (please let me have the link, if you have a blog, dear)
           Sherin Deepu from Kuk's Kitchen
           Anna from Hindustanka's Sunny Indian Days
   and  Linda  from Linda Crochets (if you love thread crochet you must visit Linda to admire her perfect doilies).
 (A small note to all my fellow bloggers and followers: Please write a small comment when you join my blog and also don't forget to state the name of your blog, so that I can follow you too. Thank you.) 
Okay, now I have a little confession, I was back last Friday ie: 28th September. Then, how come I had not posted anything so far? Well. you know how it is sometimes, you have so much to say that you don't know where to start. 

So firstly, let me start by telling you why my trip was not so "successful". I had planned to use the second week of our trip to visit an ongoing book fair and the wholesale yarn and bag making supplies market with my brother. But, come Monday I was down with viral fever with high temperature and terrible bodyache. And even if I was ready to drag myself to the market in this condition, my brother got a huge swollen toe after stubbing it against some furniture. It was the same toe he had fractured some time back, so he was in real agony. So there went my yarn and book buying trips down the drain. (To the secret delight of my husband !!).

I was also supposed to meet a couple of my school friends for lunch, but that program too flopped because of the viral fever. I was really looking forward to that as it has been ages since we met each other. So, maybe next time :(

We had decided to start back on Friday, of course my hubby very sweetly suggested staying back for one more day so that I could visit the yarn market. But that would have been very selfish of me as it would have meant that he would miss the two days of rest at home before resuming duties on Monday. 

So, you see I was in a bit of a blue funk and sort of sulking in a corner. Sadly I could not blame anybody for this situation, which made it even worse!! He he... ;)

Secondly I wanted to start posting with a finished project. Yes my Rose doily is finally complete. But being the Queen of Procrastination that I am it took me two days to weave in the ends. 
But finally Ta-Da:

Rose doily

Don't you just love the colors on that rose! I think I will make a couple more doilies, maybe with orange roses or yellow? What do you say?

If you would like to try this doily, HERE is the link to the pattern I used. Have fun.

It feels so good to be back with all of you. My husband calls me an internet addict and I confess I am guilty as charged! I spent the last few days visiting all of you and I see that some of you have posted about some lovely things, crochet and otherwise.

That's all for today. Do write to me, I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Take care and Happy Hooking.
Love xxx

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Rose Doily

Hello beautiful people,

I hope you had a great week. I did not have access to the internet therefore I am a wee bit late in welcoming Cristina from My world of wool  and Giodina from Con le Lenti Rosa.
Both of them have very colorful, lovely crochet items, so do visit them.

I finally decided on a pattern to start my tryst with thread crochet. I was a bit apprehensive as it has been a long time since I worked with such a fine thread. Since I had made a lot of flat doilies in the past, I wanted to try something 3D as in Irish crochet.

And this is the pattern I chose;

Progress has been slow, as I have still not visited my optician for my new glasses.

As of now, I can work with thread only if I take off my glasses. Well. glasses or no glasses, do you think the doily is turning out fine? Do let me know. I am anxious to see the final product and I am too impatient to weave in the ends.

I hope you are having some great hooky time too. I will be visiting all of you very soon. So until then take care, have a fabulous weekend and share your lovely times with us. And do keep writing to me, I will get back shortly.

Love xxx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Stash Saturday

If wishes were balls, then....

I meant balls of yarn of course, what were you thinking!?  ;)
If wishes were balls of yarn, then I would fill up my room with yarn. My birthday wish for loads of yarn has come partly true. But with crochet thread and not yarn.

I had ordered for some size 20 crochet thread by mail order and it has just arrived. Here is a look at some of the lovely shades.

Greens, Oranges and Purple

Reds and Mints

Blues, Pinks and Yellows

Ombre and Variegated
Since good quality crochet supplies are not available in Ahmedabad, this is my way out. It does mean that I have to stock quite of lot of yarn or thread, but the cost of going to the business district of the city to buy yarn costs me three times as much.

I can't wait to start working with this thread. But before that I will have to get new glasses as working with thread is somewhat tedious, especially after getting used to working with yarn.

I am planning on a few doilies with flowers or butterflies. And then some lovely bookmarks. 

So, what have you been up to? I hope you have some rocking plans for the weekend. This weekend we will be traveling and I may not have access to the internet. But I will find a way to keep in touch.

Have a lovely weekend. Take care. Cheerio.

Love xxx

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Doily Round up

Hi Girls, I am sure all of you are looking forward to the weekend especially those of you who have full time jobs. Yeah... I remember the feeling. But ever since I have become a SAHM my feelings about the weekends has changed. Because you see I was "Born to crochet, Forced to cook"..... okay, just joking there! In fact on Sundays we have really special lunches which always includes fish as my hubby is a fish gourmand.

A big hug to Carina from Carinas Virkning and Lizzie Kate at Grandma's Grapevine. Welcome aboard.

Oh God! Another week is coming to an end. So many patterns, so little time. I am adding the finishing touches to a crochet purse. So, today I will let my doilies do the talking. This is a round up of all the doilies that I have already spoken about somewhere on the blog, just to have them together in one place.

So here goes.

That is all for today. I know you must be busy with your plans for Sunday.  Do let me know if you were playing hooky and share the pics. 

See you later, crocheters
Love xxx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Rainy Days

The rain gods have finally relented and decided to shower their blessings on us. Yes, it has been raining for the past couple of days. The trees are looking greener, the heady scent of wet earth is wafting through the air and even the air is feeling cleaner. The fact that we did not have power for the better part of the day yesterday, may be a side effect. But given the blessed relief from the unbearable heat, the rains are always welcome.

My post for yesterday was to be WIPs Wednesday, a round up of all incomplete projects in my WIP basket. But no power = no post :( It may not have made good reading but it was more for updating myself. Maybe some other time.

Since I was forced to stay indoors due to the wet weather, I decided to try my hand at a thread pattern. Ever since I started working with yarn, I find it difficult to work with thread. But I wanted to have a crack at this beautiful heart bookmark.

So here it is:

Now isn't that a beautiful heart?

The shaded thread gives it a lovely look.

Here it is duly tasseled, ready to be sent. Where? To my friend Vrushali, who is also my physiotherapist. She is the first good friend I made after shifting to Ahmedabad. She is excellent as a therapist and as a person too. She is never seen without a book in hand, so I was sure she would like a bookmark.

Vrushali is so thrilled with the bookmark that she has now decided to learn to crochet. She is hoping to have a small gift ready for her sister who is going to deliver next month. I hope so too.

 Do you like this bookmark? I hope to make a few more soon in many different colours.

Bye for now.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Let's take a tour

Hi there! How are you? Aren't you glad that the weekend is approaching?! Can't say I am looking forward to the weekend as hubby is out of town on a business trip, so it is just sonny boy and me at home.

I had expected to get a lot of crochet done as DH was away and sonny is happy with any one dish meal I can conjure up at the last minute. But sadly that did not happen, due to sundry aches and pains I had through out the week. 
Never mind, I will share one of my lovely books with you today.

So, get ready for the tour of "Crochet Mesh". This is a lovely book by Ondori and I just loved it the moment I laid eyes on it. There was a slight hesitation to buy it due to the high cost, but I am the kind who will gladly sacrifice a new outfit for a gorgeous new book so now the book stands proudly on my book shelf. Have I mentioned earlier that books make my mouth water and that I get goose pimples whenever I turn the crisp pages of a new book, and oh... that lovely smell of a fresh book.  Ok, ok I know, too much blah blah.....let's get on with it.

Ondori Crochet Mesh

This doily is the first one I tried from the book. It looked deceptively simple but gosh it was quite complicated. The last few rows required a lot of fastening off and joining thread and if there is one thing I hate to do it is weaving in the ends. So I was relieved to complete this one.

Here is the end result. It has survived years of use and washing and now I don't even bother to block it, poor thing.

The next doily or should I say centerpiece is what I attempted next. Today when I see it, I can't imagine how I actually managed to complete it.  You see I am notorious for accumulating WIPs and normally I have 6 to 7 projects going on at a time. Yeah... sometimes I do manage to get some of them done and sometimes I keep them pending just to remind myself that I am alive and I still have a lot to do!! Did that make any sense to you?

 Ta da, here is my masterpiece. As usual, too lazy to block it. Do you think it looks like the original? I would love to hear your opinion.

 Here are a few more pages from the book. Projects that I hope to make some time in the future, like these lovely cushions.

These cushions are lovely too, don't you think so?

This bedspread is one page that I love to open often and just stare at longingly. I wonder if one lifetime will be adequate to finish making it. Maybe a group effort with the ladies in the family might do the trick. Sadly, that is so not happening!

These coasters look cute.

When I was in my hometown Mumbai I used to conduct crochet classes from home and the runner on the next page was made by one of my  students but I don't have any photo of the finished piece :(


This runner with roses is definitely tempting.

Don't you just love the cats on the piano cover?

The next photo is not very clear but I added it anyway.

I hope you enjoyed the tour through Meshland. I do like filet crochet as it requires only chains and dcs and does not call for clusters, popcorns, pineapples or any other edibles!! But I think sometimes the designs are too subtle and do not stand out against the mesh. And in that sense I feel filet crochet can be tricky at times.

I hope I complete my Phd (Projects Half Done) soon and have something to share with you the next time. 

Till then, lotsa luv. Have a great weekend and do write to me. 


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