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Saturday 22 September 2012

Rose Doily

Hello beautiful people,

I hope you had a great week. I did not have access to the internet therefore I am a wee bit late in welcoming Cristina from My world of wool  and Giodina from Con le Lenti Rosa.
Both of them have very colorful, lovely crochet items, so do visit them.

I finally decided on a pattern to start my tryst with thread crochet. I was a bit apprehensive as it has been a long time since I worked with such a fine thread. Since I had made a lot of flat doilies in the past, I wanted to try something 3D as in Irish crochet.

And this is the pattern I chose;

Progress has been slow, as I have still not visited my optician for my new glasses.

As of now, I can work with thread only if I take off my glasses. Well. glasses or no glasses, do you think the doily is turning out fine? Do let me know. I am anxious to see the final product and I am too impatient to weave in the ends.

I hope you are having some great hooky time too. I will be visiting all of you very soon. So until then take care, have a fabulous weekend and share your lovely times with us. And do keep writing to me, I will get back shortly.

Love xxx


  1. Hello there
    If that's what you can produce in Lace crochet without glasses what will it be like with your glasses on??? ITs impressive! very very fine!

    Amanda :-)

  2. Hey Sangeetha!
    Its very pretty, this is laura cotton what you are using? I have done the same pattern with Anchor Knitting Cotton. Here's the link to the same -

    I did all the leaves first leave a longish tail for attaching and weaving in, i didn't do a leaf n then attach. Worked out faster for me :)

    1. Hi Rajeshwari !
      Is the Anchor knitting thread anywhere close to Size 10 crochet thread huh ? Sadly we dont get size 10 in India.

  3. Very beautiful! Nice colours:)

    You mentioned some time back about Pradhan embroidery store, I guess that's the name, do you order all yarns from them?

    I use Anchor threads and generally check with the Anchor agent in my city and place order with him. It is very difficult to get good quality crochet threads. I am using anchor knitting cotton for the first time. I have posted the WIP with the same in my latest post.

    How much does Laura knitting cotton costs? I would like to try that as well

  4. its very pretty ! Love the colours so much

  5. So beautiful!!loved the colour and the pattern used..

  6. This is simply gorgeous !
    Beautiful and very delicate

  7. I think it's beautiful. And the funny thing is, I mentioned to my eye doctor that I couldn't see the stitching with my glasses on when I did cross stitch. His answer? Take your glasses off! Wow, who would have thunk it? Anyway, lots of times now I take off my glasses to do cross stitch and put them back on to read the pattern. So if crocheting without glasses works (and it does, beautifully for you), there you go.


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi Sangeeta

    Its beautiful and as usual very neat. Yes, cotton thread does take a lot of time. Its come out well.

  10. That looks like fun (even if it is slow to do!)

  11. This is simply gorgeous!! Good work!

  12. Nice neat work Sangeetha! Keep it up! It really looks wonderful.

  13. Wow!! Stunning, its gorgeous.. love those flowers!

  14. Olá, Sangeetha!
    Quanta coisa linda no seu blog. Adorei!
    Bjks do Brasil,
    San Vasro

  15. Hi, Sangeetha! Thanks for leaving a sweet comment in my blog :) I am following yours too now! And I LOVE this doily! So beautiful! Will explore more of your crochet creations :) Anna

  16. Your doily is turning out lovely! I love the color chosen for your roses!

  17. Very pretty!

    I've been working on the same tablecloth for the last 10 years! If I just sat down and made one motif per day I would have had it done 9.5 years ago. I also knit and cross stitch so I shouldn't kick myself so hard. ;-P

  18. Now this is so lovely and pretty !
    Totally loved this irish crochet piece !

  19. Very pretty and beautiful. I have crocheted the same one with Dusty rose and mild green from Aunt Lydia's thread.

  20. Hi,

    I am back from US and over there i was using Aunt Lydia's Classic thread size 10. Can you help me what brand and size thread I should buy in India. It would be really useful if you could help me out...

    Thank you,


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