Tuesday 4 September 2012

Raining Gold

Hello, beautiful people.

I hope this new week has pushed off the new month to a good start. I am partial to this month... ;)

A warm hello to two new friends;
          Magdalene from Magdalinio dia xeiros
          Isabel from Coloresyganchos

Now if you are wondering whether it was raining gold here, sadly it was not. But I did manage to complete this light gold purse that I was making. I had shown you this purse when it was a WIP some time back.

Here is the finished piece:

 I has also said that I will be asking for your suggestions about the handles. Well, none of the handles in my stash were matching the yarn so I decided to make the handles with the yarn itself.

The yarn is light gold though it seems silver in the photo. Difficult to capture the right color with the camera.

It was not raining gold but it was certainly raining cats and dogs since Monday. Heavy rains starting at around 5.00  in the evening caused flooding of roads and really caused great inconvenience especially to office goers who were returning home. 

At times like this I am glad that I no longer have to go to work. But my joy was short lived as yesterday the power supply went off for hours. No crochet, no reading, no TV, no internet. Well, people were suffering worse things out there.... so I should really not complain. To give you an idea here are some photos from my balcony.

The roads got flooded within minutes.

Hubby and sonny reached home totally drenched. We were just getting ready for a candlelight dinner when the power supply was restored. Which is good as I had only one small candle!!

So, its buh-bye until next time.
Love xxx

Saturday 1 September 2012

Potholder blues

Hi friends, Hope you had a good week and are now looking forward to a lovely weekend. And a great new month.

A big thank you to all those who wished my husband. (He was pretty surprised!). This month it is my turn to be happy as my birthday is on the 10th of September. I would love to get a big carload of yarn as my gift but I don't think my husband will take up any "yarny" hints (subtle of course) I will be putting out.

I have a lot of UFOs floating around the house (purses and a doily). Ever since I rediscovered the joys of reading, crochet is on the back burner. But I will get around to them soon. 

On the blogging front I got my blog  under its own domain name

Today I will share these potholders with you, that I made sometime back.

They are extremely easy to make and work up to a nice texture and thickness without too much effort. If any novice or non-crocheter is interested I will readily put up a tutorial, just drop me a line. `

On the reading front, I have finished reading one more book by Mary Higgins Clark.

A fabulous read. Excellent story with every chapter bringing a new twist in the tale. And once again a totally unexpected climax. Just could not put it down. 

Well, now I will leave you to your weekend plans while I go off to decide whether to read or to crochet. Oh, how I wish I could do both simultaneously!

PS: In case you are wondering, UFOs are UnFinished Objects! :)

Have a lovely Sunday. Take care.
Love xxx 


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