Wednesday 19 February 2014

First crochet project of 2014

Hi friends, I have a new project to share with you today. My first crochet project of 2014.

Last time I mentioned that I will going to Mumbai as my mother-in-law was supposed to undergo an operation for a tumor in her uterus. The surgery went off very well and my MIL had a speedy recovery. While most people hate "hospital duty", I usually see it as a time to catch up with my crocheting. My projects finish faster as I am mostly undisturbed in the hospital, and other than feeding and fetching for the patient, I am left to my own devices for the rest of the time. So whenever any relative is hospitalized I am on "duty". As my yarn and hooks go with me wherever I go, I managed to finish a beautiful infinity scarf which I was longing to make. 

The pattern is free on and is called the Autumn Sunset Infinity Scarf. Here it is:

moogly autumn sunset scarf

I had this deep salmon colored yarn in my stash and I think it does give an autumn feel to the infinity scarf...what do you say?

Here is another look at it ...

Crochet cowl free pattern

I have used a 5.5mm crochet hook and medium worsted weight yarn. I just love the pattern detail and I agree that they do look like 'sunsets'. 

Salmon crochet cawl detail

As my yarn was thinner I started with 198 chains instead of 180 chains. 
The scarf measures 60 inches in circumference and is 6 inches wide. 

crochet autumn sunset infinity scarf

I love this pattern. In fact I am now a Big fan of all Mooglyblog patterns. 

I know I promised to show you a lot of other crochet projects in THIS post and I have not forgotten it, but the first project of 2014 has to be shown first...right?!

Crochet Autumn sunset infinity scarf detail

See you soon with lots of new crochet projects. Until then .... happy crafting. Have a great day.

Monday 6 January 2014

New Year, New Projects, New Beginnings



Hello Friends, I hope the year 2014 has begun with a Bang, for you. It is the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese zodiac and I hope, that joy, hope, peace, success, and wealth just gallop into your life. 

As I was born under the sign of the Horse, this year has special significance for me. But having said that, I cannot say that the year has begun well. Last  month ie  Dec 2013 we were  told  that  my   mother-in-law has a tumor in the uterus. She has been advised a total hysterectomy, due this week. So the year 2014 has started off on a tense note. I will be leaving for Mumbai in a couple of days to stay with her.

Last year, while I did not blog regularly I did crochet as if the world was coming to an end!!!  LOL. So in that sense it was a very good year. I also bought a lot of yarn, crochet thread and hooks in different materials. Ahhh....crochet paradise! 

I also managed to fulfill a dream and started a much awaited project, something that I was longing to do for a very long time, (some of you may have already guessed) but more about that later

Now let me introduce you to one more "baby" from my family picture. This pattern is also a free pattern, from one of my favorite crochet designer - the lovely Lorene from Cre8tion Crochet. Lorene has lots of free patterns on her site and her patterns are really lovely.

The pattern I chose is the Zola Stacked Shells Cowl. It was love at first sight as the cowl was simply gorgeous! Also I suspect the name - Zola, had something to do with my choice (if you are a fan of Grey's Anatomy you know what I am talking about - the cute baby who is Meredith Grey's and Derek Shepherd's daughter).

So here is my own Zola:

crochet cowl peach

Isn't it lovely!! I loved the borders on either sides of the cowl. Gave it a very sophisticated look. 

cowl border details

My cowl is not as sumptuous as the original pattern because bulky yarn is not easily available in India and I am not really a fan of using two strands together. But nevertheless I just love this cowl. It can be worn in many different ways. I like that you can pull it over your head on really cold and windy days. Here are some more pics,

peach crochet cowl

peach crochet cowl

peach crochet zola cowl

Visit Cre8tion Crochet for this lovely pattern and beautiful pictures of it.

I was left with a little bit of yarn so I decided to make a set with matching fingerless gloves. I repeated the same pattern from the cowl to make the gloves.

crochet shells fingerless gloves

I always feel that gloves look very very elegant. Don't you think so? 

crochet shells fingerless gloves

The next photo was taken by my "assistant cameraman" (sonny) and it makes me laugh, as it looks like I am holding a trophy rather than a simple tea mug!!! 

crochet shells gloves crochetkari

I hope to keep posting from Mumbai as I may have to stay there for 2-3 weeks.
So until then...Happy crafting. Have a great year ahead!!!


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