Friday 11 July 2014

Pattern Giveaway Winners

Hi Girls, a quick post just to announce the winners of the pattern giveaway I announced a few weeks back. I know I am late, very late, but things have been a little topsy-turvy on the health front with very little that I could do about it. I am sure you don't want any of the boring details so on to the announcement.

And the winners are.......TaDa...drum roll please......,

Anna from Annasimplecrochet


Ruth from Rose Hill Collections

So, lucky girls, please write to me at so that I know which email id you want me to send the pattern PDF.

Both the lovely girls above have pretty blogs and they show off some really wonderful crochet creations, so do visit them.

For all my other beautiful friends out there, if you did not win this time do not despair, I have a few more patterns lined up and I will be showing them off soon... health permitting!!!  :(

A small note: If you have any questions about patterns, hooks, yarns or anything else, please write to me only at This will help me to reply to you specifically and you will get faster replies

Well, I hate posts that have no pics so here is one just for you;

crochet problem solving
I found this on Facebook, if you are aware of the source please let me know.

This is my surefire way to solve all problems in my life especially health issues as crochet works like meditation for me. Hehe... it also works as an excuse to avoid any other form of exercise...LOL. Now you can't crochet on the treadmill...can you?!

Until my next post, which might be a while, as I am off to Mumbai for a short trip....see ya. Make time for craft everyday.

Thursday 19 June 2014

1000 Facebook Likes!

Woo hoo!! I have some wonderful news to share. Yes, that's right my Crochetkari Facebook page has crossed the 1k mark. I now have 1000+ fans...Yay!!!

Crochetkari 1000 facebook likes

I am absolutely thrilled about it. I know that there are pages out there with fans in 5-figures and 6-figures. But I am pretty pleased with what I have achieved.

While Facebook can be a time sucker, I think it also depends on how you use it. As far as my page is concerned, I find it is a fast and efficient way to announce the latest happenings on my blog, or share my newest project and also free patterns from other sites. And I use my personal Facebook account to join crochet related groups, pages belonging to craft suppliers like Pony and Deramores and also to keep myself updated about the latest news in the craft world. 

And while on the topic of social media, you can also follow me on:

By the way, do you like the poster above? I made it and the one below (to announce 800 fans) using PicMonkey, which is a site where you can edit your photos, make collages and create posters like these ... for FREE! 

Crochetkari 800 facebook likes

It is easy and fun and the results are amazing. So go ahead and try it.  :)

I am working on the edging for the corner to corner blanket. What crafty adventure are you up to? Do share.

See you soon.


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