Saturday 26 September 2015

Crochet Waffle Stitch Hat Pattern

Namaste Beautiful! I hope you are feeling wonderful. Sadly I cannot say the same. I have just returned home from a seven day stay at the hospital., because I was down with dengue fever. By some weird coincidence my husband got the same fever and we were occupying two adjacent beds in the hospital room. Luckily for us, our son who had come from Mumbai to spend a couple of days with us, as it was my birthday on the 10th of September, stayed back for two weeks and took real good care of us. I guess everything happens for a reason, we were very fortunate that sonny boy decided to stick to his guns and insisted on coming to Ahmedabad. We would have been helpless without him.

As far as blogging is concerned, I cannot find any good reason for the delays/gaps in my posting. 2015 was supposed to be my year, with my blogging and my Etsy store going full steam. Well you know what they say, "Woman proposes, God disposes"!! I have just not been able to get into the swing of things and now the year is coming to an end!  :(

But I have tons of projects to share so hopefully the rest of the year should proceed smoothly. 

Today I want to share the latest pattern in my Etsy shop...the Waffle stitch hat pattern. 

crochet waffle stitch hat

This pattern is for a matching hat to the Waffle stitch cowl

crochet waffle stitch cowl with ribbed edges

The hat has a top down construction and is worked seamlessly in the round. The edge has a lovely ribbing pattern.

crochet waffle stitch hat pattern

The pattern is in US terms and the special stitches required are Fpdc, Bpdc, Fphdc and Bphdc.

The adult sized hat is made using DK yarn and a 4.00 mm crochet hook.

crochet waffle stitch hat pattern

The hat pattern is available on Etsy and Craftsy

crochet waffle stitch hat pattern

Hopefully I should be back soon with a Free crochet scarf pattern.

Until then, buh-bye.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Crochet Chevron Infinity Scarf

Namaste Gorgeous! Thank you for joining me here today. You may be wondering at my cheek, just appearing out of nowhere, after being away for so long. Hmmm...guilty as charged! Well, you know... life happens...with its bits and bobs...some good, some bad. 

One good bit that I just cannot resist sharing is that we went on our very first overseas vacation!!! Yippee :)  :)  In the month of May, we went on a 10 day trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Yes, I have lots of photos and tons of things to know me - blah, blah, blah. But I will control myself for now. The main reason is that for a blog named "Crochetkari" I have been sharing lots of stories about moving, travelling and vacations and very little crochet! So my next few posts are going to be about crochet, hopefully :) 

The ripple pattern is one of my favourites, so when I came across this pattern for an infinity scarf I just had to try it. 

The pattern is called Rolling in the Deep infinity scarf by Cre8tion Crochet.

crochet chevron cowl

I love the three different sections in the scarf and you can decide which colour you want to play up depending on you mood for the day.

crochet chevron infinity scarf pattern

While I made this scarf with orange and white, I like the designer's suggestion that you should use two colours which are opposites on the colour wheel. Maybe I will make one more scarf using that idea. 

I am still working on finding the "best" spot for photography in my new home. I am missing my swing so much ...boohoo.

Nevertheless, here are some more photos:

crochet chevron infinity scarf pattern

orange crochet chevron cowl

crochet ripple cowl

The pattern was free for some time on the Cre8tion Crochet site, but you can still get it HERE.

Do you like my infinity scarf, do let me know.

As my crochet hook is attached to my arm, :)  there are tons of finished projects waiting for their Ta-Dah moment, so do come back.

I have not been commenting much, but believe me I have been keeping up with all your blogs and thoroughly enjoying your posts. But please don't be like me and do comment below. A strange thing I noticed while blog hopping was that many of my blogger friends have been away from their blog and most of them are resurfacing now, just like me.Weird coincidence!

While the internet connection in my new home is very fast, it keeps getting disconnected. So frustrating! 

Here are two more ripple patterns I tried earlier:

crochet ripple blanket pattern
The Ocean Waves Ripple Afghan

Crochet ripple scarf pattern
The Serenity Ripple Scarf

What is on your hook, right now? I would love to know.
See you soon.


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