Sunday 22 January 2017

Mandala mania 1 - Peachy brown

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Namaste friends, How has the new year been unfolding so far? I hope you are enjoying it.

Time to start talking crochet in the new year. I came across a lovely mandala pattern and felt I just had to make one. Crochet mandalas are beautiful, useful, provide instant gratification as well as room to play with colours.

The mandala in the original pattern uses pink, mauve, violet and lavender. I decided to go for a peach and brown combination and I love the way it has turned out. The red adds a pop of colour, while the beige highlights the darker colours.

crochet lotus flower mandala

Isn't it gorgeous!! I am loving it. :) 

crochet lotus flower mandala

I adore mandalas for their beautility... no don't hunt your dictionary, I just invented that word. :) It is a combination of beauty and utility!! 

crochet lotus flower mandala

And now before you get ready to grab my neck and shake me :) here is the link to the Pattern at
The website has many beautiful patterns and I will be going back for more.

Yarn:   Laura knitting cotton
Hook: 3.50 mm*
Dia:    15 inches

This yarn* will give you similar results plus it comes in a range of vibrant colours.

And yes, I have omitted the last two rounds which form the edging of the mandala as I found it a bit lacy for the "solid" body of the mandala. So I just went for a round of scs with picots.

crochet lotus flower mandala

What would be your colour choices for this mandala? 

Happy crafting!

Tuesday 10 January 2017

Ahmedabad Flower Show

Namaste friends. The New Year began for Ahmedabad with two wonderful events.
1. Ahmedabad Flower Show and
2. International Kite Festival.
Both are held at the Sabarmati Riverfront, Ahmedabad.

So, on Sunday I dragged a very reluctant hubby to the Flower Show. Here are some pics from the show:

As it was a Sunday, the crowds just kept swelling till it got unmanageable. There was a lot of jostling and security personnel were having a tough time! Also, we had a twenty five minute walk back to our car 😞 !!

I preferred the last year's show and you can check out the pics HERE

The Flower show is on till 13th January 2017.

I hope this experience has not put off my husband, as I plan to drag him to the International Kite Festival, next Saturday (which is also the last day) ...hehe. 

Did your new year start in a good way? I would love to know.
See you next with some crochet news.


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