Crochetkari: Hand in (crocheted) Glove

Saturday 2 February 2013

Hand in (crocheted) Glove

Wow! We are already into the second month of 2013. January 2013 has flown by in a flash...or atleast it sure feels like it. 2013 - a year whose arrival was much awaited and that too with bated breath. Not because it is a special year but because we all wanted to see whether we would survive 2012! What with the doomsday predictions and all.

And now we are already into February 2013. So before the winter flies by in a flash too, I want to share one more winter item with you.

Actually I made these crocheted lace fingerless mitts last year. I have always thought that gloves are very romantic, elegant, sophisticated, Jane Austen-ey, victorian, Audrey Hepburn.... okay okay I think you got it. I really liked THIS pattern and had to make it right away.

I wear them at home whenever it gets really cold. I have never worn them when I go out and there are a couple of reasons for that.

A) I had never seen anybody wear such mitts, at least not in my part of the woods...

B) when they were done and I was strutting about the house wearing them, sonny boy very delicately and politely told me "Mom don't even think of wearing them in public. Especially if I am around."

So much for elegance...!!

The next photo pose is as per instructions from assistant cameraman (sonny boy...who else!)  ;)

But I am always happy to wear them at home and pretend I am Emma or Elizabeth... Who says make believe is only for kids ;)

Sigh.... that is all for now, girls. Off with the mitts as I go to plan today's menu. I don't think my Mr. Darcy will appreciate a bare dinner table.

A happy and joyful February to all of you.


  1. They are beautiful and I would certainly wear them in public, you need to show them off! :)

  2. That's my absolute favorite shade of yellow - great choice! -- Jan

  3. Maybe yellow is a bit too much, but surely it's no reason to avoid wearing them in public.
    Go go go! ;-)

  4. Those are so pretty, Sangeetha! I would certainly wear them anywhere and everywhere. Hey, you're a crochet artist. Showing off your work is part of the process! :)

  5. Love, love the gloves. Love the color and the style. Show them off! Be proud of your gloves. BTW, hope your Mr. Darcy didn't have a bare table. :)


  6. Very beautiful gloves!!!I love yellow colour and their desing!!!!Kisses and have a nice month!!!!

  7. Ahahah! when I was a teenager I didn't want that my mom walked around with a bag that I considered "too much original"! XDDD

    Your gloves are very beautiful so... wear them everywhere!!! :D

  8. Simply couldn't help myself and nominated your blog for the Premio Cutie Pie award :)

    1. Thank you so much M.J. Very sweet of you. And thanks for your lovely comments.

  9. So beautiful! I am tempted to make them too...

  10. Lovely color for beautiful gloves !
    Have a nice Sunday !

  11. wow looks so pretty !!
    wear it & come to my house.I am waiting for you. :-)

  12. Ha ha. We have these complexes. With my daughter in the UK, I think twice about the woolens I wear and she tells me nobody will even look at you over here. Just wear what is comfortable ! These gloves would have been so useful now. I have never been able to take a picture or tie my shoelaces when they came off without pulling off the gloves !

  13. I am in love with your writing gere :-) Such beautiful expressions laced with delicate humour !! Kudos girl !! And ya.. i loved them gloves too.. nice :-)

  14. Hi, dear Sangeetha! I'm always delighted to read your posts, you put such adorable pinch of humor in them, like in this one.. lol.."not in my part of the woods".i will definitely make such mittens, as our city requires some cozy warm accessories in the winter :) have a fab week and that pic with you posing is like you saying "yo": ) respect!

  15. You have crocheted your mittens very nicely:) yellow is my favourite color. We don't have winters here for such wearables so I have to satisfy myself with more of crochet decor items.

  16. hmm.... They are pretty and lemony and I know what you mean by saying you can't wear them when you go out. Who knows you might go on a vacation to a very cold place and love wearing them!

  17. wow..ur so talented..nice luking gloves...btw iam MAHA...Cacth me in my space whenever u r free dear

  18. :-) I'm also a Jane Austen fan. Started her books recently and finished 4 , now reading Mansfield Park. Whenever I go for walks, I'll think as Eliza walking and go on and on..

    They are pretty mittens but even I don't use crocheted things :-(. I once covered my ear phones with crochet. believe me, it is very useful no tangling and all but I was too shy to take it outside( the yarn was bright pink) in the bus, May be black would have been better.

    Yellow mittens will go well with any Yellow Dress.. I suppose..

    Loved ur post. :-)

  19. Dear Friends, Thank you for your lovely comments. You make me smile with happiness. :)

  20. I say start a new fad. Wear those hand mitts out and about and I'm sure you will get lots of compliments ... or lots of stares. Ha! Why are boys so concerned about appearances in public. My boys freak because I take pictures of everything. Surely by now they know that's what a blogger does. :) Your posts always make me smile! Best wishes to you, Tammy

  21. These are very 'now' in the uk. Wear them! They are in all the shops. And canary yellow! Wow i love it! X

  22. awesome sangeetha looks so pretty n beautiful just loved it ...:) :)
    keept crocheting.....I am looking forward to yr other products...:)


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