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Thursday 14 February 2013

Heart's Desire

Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends. 

I am always amazed by the fact that seasons in Blogdom, especially Crochetland change along with seasons in the real world. A few weeks back it was all snowflakes, snowmen, ornaments and Christmas trees... crocheted of course. And  now, come February, I give you one guess as to the flavour of the month. You are right it is Hearts, wherever you look, whichever blog you turn to.

If you have been following me for a while now, you will know I rarely make crochet trinkets or amigurumi. For me, Pretty always has to be accompanied by Utility. But I had to make an exception when I came across THIS heart pattern. Why? Because this lovely lady has taken the trouble to draw, yes actually draw by hand, every step of the pattern and very beautifully too. The whole pattern was now so clear and lovely. I just had to try it. 

Aren't they cute?! I wish I had used yarn instead of Bliss knitting cotton, that would have made them more fuller and puffy. 

 Here is the link

I am not sure my dear valentine will actually appreciate these cute hearts so for now I am using them to decorate my new bookcase. Yes, this is the new bookcase my hubby ordered for me some time back, which I was supposed to show you long long ago. What can I say my camera has become so lazy.  (So it is not my fault, you see.)  ;)
By the way if I have said "will share with you later" or "will be showing you ------ soon" and then not kept my word, please, please do remind me. I can be quite absent minded sometimes. Since you cannot pinch me from there. a gentle comment will do.

Here is a pic of the empty bookcase the day it was delivered. I think it is made in Malaysia.

For the number of books I have I will need three more bookcases like this, which of course hubby is not going to get me. Anyway I am always thankful for small blessings. I chose this model as the drawers can accommodate all my sewing supplies, buttons, notions, hooks etc. A proper craft corner!!

My hubby has this cute habit of attributing any gift he gets for me to the next 3-4 occasions. LOL. So this was a gift for our Wedding anniversary, the New Year and Valentine's day and who knows maybe even my birthday which is in September!! Did I just say "cute habit", I seriously need to go and have some tea. Jokes apart I love the gift and the fact that he lets me go crafty (read that as batty) and potter around in my room the whole day. 

Here is a sneak peek at the purse I promised to show you. Yes finally did remember something! This the handle I have made for the purse.

Enjoy the day with your loved ones. I just called up my friend from fifth grade and we had a lovely chat. Get in touch with people you have lost contact with. Come on make that call, it is after all the month of Love.


  1. Lovely...
    Have a great day with love...

  2. Nice cute Little hearts and classic book shelf.. And Sangeetha.. let me know from here you get those nice yarn balls.. are they also from PRadhan stores? I get only skeins here.. and waste time in winding them..

  3. Both hearts are resally cute!

  4. Cute hearts .Happy valentines day

  5. Hi. The hearts hanging on the handle of the drawers look pretty. I too made hearts yesss...crocheted ones for my daughters:)

  6. Happy valentine day sangeetha!!!
    Cute hearts!

  7. Very pretty Sangeetha! The cupboard looks soo good, sturdy and practical at the same time.I specially like the crochet decorations you have put on it.. Gives it a "Sangeetha Touch" ;)

  8. Seriously..The cupboard is the best gift one could get!:) especially when it comes to crafty people. two shelves I use to store my yarn and hooks, and God knows what else, are bursting!
    The hearts are so pretty, Sangeetha! great that you got inspired to make them :)They look lovely on the cupboards handles.
    Have a nice weekend! Hope your Valentine's day was great :)
    Best wishes,

  9. hi Sangeetha,
    thank you very much for the compliment
    so nice to know that the effort I took, could help you
    I'm sure you're going to make more of them ;)

    have you seen the 2nd heart at my blog ? :

    have a great day
    ♥ José

  10. I think I need a few of those cupboards. In fact, I've been wanting to get to Ikea for a couple of new bookshelves, taller than what I currently have as I definitely need more space for all my craft supplies. Your hearts are so sweet! I made so many over the past couple of weeks. Definitely time to move on to something else -- though I keep seeing new heart patterns I want to try. :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  11. Beautiful hearts, Sangeetha! And the book shelf is very good. Your hearts are looking nice on it. We will always fall short of cupboards, there will be a yarn storm all through the year right?;) I too have ordered this purse thread. Yellow is my favourite . Waiting to see your purse.

  12. hi! lovely work as always! what a beautiful gift you received !with due respect to your lovely work i have an award for you waiting on my blog,hope you like it .

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Oh, such nice storage space for all your crafting needs! Woohoo and I love the way you decorate with all those neat crochet items too!

  15. These are so cute, thank you. How do you crochet on top of crochet? thanks

  16. Lovely....!
    Have a nice week.


  17. wow your book case is filled with crochet yarns. from where did you purchased them.Please tell me the online dealer for no 10 crochet threads

    I want to make a bead spread out of 10 no thread, like his one

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Thank you


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