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Thursday 28 November 2013

Cowl Inspiration

Hello friends,

~*~*~*~*~  HAPPY THANKSGIVING ~*~*~*~*~

And Thank You, Yes YOU, my lovely reader. The person who makes me want to write and share a teeny weeny part of my life. The person who visits me even when my posting is erratic, sarcastic and ungrammatic (!) and also says polite things about my crochet projects. :) And especially You, who take a few precious moments from their busy life to write to me, words which feel like raindrops on parched earth, to me. After all a conversation with oneself is only a monologue and not a dialogue...or a blog!

In the last post I shared the "family picture" and then I kept wondering which of my babies (crochet!) should I introduce first. I decided to start with this gorgeous cowl, which I made inspired by a free pattern.

Plum crochet cowl

Now, most of my internet sessions start with Google and "free crochet patterns". While the patterns may not always be the ones you are looking for, I see it is a good way to find some lovely blogs and make some beautiful friends. One such blog, and one of my favorites is

The truly talented Tamara at Moogly has some gorgeous patterns AND they are all FREE. Tamara's patterns use a lot of lovely colours and there is something for everyone at home. You feel that you have to make them all!! The pattern that inspired me for this cowl was the Moroccan Market Tote. While I thought that I may not have the patience to make the complete bag, I was desperate to try the stitch which was producing such a wonderful texture. So I decided to make a cowl (a side effect of my trip to ladakh).

Isn't it gorgeous!! I simply loved the texture. The white yarn envelopes the plum yarn from both sides and it looks almost like a woven fabric. 

Plum cowl detail

Have you ever visited the Taj Mahal? While this pattern is inspired by Moroccan tiles, the ruby jewels peeping through the white filigree reminded me of the beautiful marble inlay work at the Taj Mahal.

crochetkari cowl detail
Image source: Wikipedia

Don't you agree? And if you have never visited the Taj Mahal you must add it to your list of "Places to see before I..........". 

There is also a pattern for an afghan using this same pattern at Moogly with instructions for different sizes. It is accompanied by a video tutorial for the stitch pattern. I had a slight problem at Row 3 so I urge you to watch the video if you are going to try this pattern.

For my cowl I used yarn from THIS stash and a 4.00 mm crochet hook. The cowl is 60" in circumference and 6" wide. 

Plum infinity scarf

Such cowls are also known as "infinity scarves" as they have no ends. So you can wear it like a scarf, thus:

Crochet infinity scarf

Or wrap it around your neck twice so that it looks like a cowl, like this:

Plum crochet cowl

The photos are a bit messy as I was trying my hand at some photo editing with (as you can see) not so good results. But I know you will excuse me.  :) I used the two different colours for the two edges just for visual interest.

Do let me know what you think of my cowl? 

I will be back soon with another cowl and another one of my favourite crochet blogs.
Until then Happy Crafting. I am anxiously waiting to see what my bloggy friends are going to make for Christmas - either for themselves or as gifts.



  1. Your cowl is beautiful !!!
    Have a nice day !

  2. Your cowl is beautiful Sangeetha - I love the colors and the stitch pattern you chose.

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  3. Lovely colours. I love the Moroccan inspired pattern. I would also love to visit the Taj Mahal someday. Take care xx

  4. Hi Sangeetha !!

    Lovely pattern. The colours are really pleasing...


  5. You do make me smile! I love the way you write! Your cowl is lovely. Looks almost like a houndstooth pattern. Very nice! Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Hi. Been away from blogland for soooo long. So much to catch up with :) Loved your cowl. Looks pretty. Now make matching mits and scarf too ... hey hey

  7. Lovely cowl, Sangeetha !! The color combo is cool, candy like :) I have seen this stitch on moogly and its on my list too.

  8. Lovely. Very neat finish too.

  9. wow.awesome work!very effective!thanks for sharing!

  10. I love your cowl! The pattern is beautiful!


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