Crochetkari: I got Twins!!!

Friday 2 May 2014

I got Twins!!!

A girl AND a boy!  Okay,okay...not the baby kind (sadly), but the crochet kind (YAY!!), which is almost the same. Don't you agree? Well, I just love my crochet babies. And there is pink and

Twin crochet mandalas

Made these two cute mandalas using some nice cool and pastel colours. These twin mandalas are "same but different" because I have used the same six colours and the same pattern for both. Just altering the colour sequence produces a different effect so that each one now has a different personality.

Check it out;

Crochet mandala plum

Crochet mandala blue

They are so pretty and cute. 

Twin crochet mandalas

You can get the pattern here.

Once again, I have used Laura knitting cotton and a 3.50mm hook.

Twin crochet mandalas

You can get these mandalas in my shop.

Tomorrow my bloggy friend Aishwarya is coming over with her daughter, to spend the night. Looking forward to lots of crafty chatting. See you soon with my next project.


  1. Very very cute! I love your colour combinations, they are beautiful!

  2. Oh these are beautiful..... How nice to have a friend visiting... :) you and Aishwarya have awesome time.... I must visit Ahmadabad and meet you....... :)

  3. They are beautiful. I love how changing up the colors makes them look so different. How fun for you any Aishwarya. Tell her hello and enjoy your time together. I hope you will have some fun projects to post. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. I have fallen in love with these two cuties !!! Such lovely colour combinations !!
    Just beautiful Sangs !! :)

  5. They are lovely! I understand that thing - to make smth of the same pattern but in different color combinations :) Lovely!!! Do write us how your meeting was :) I wish we would meet some in India too :)

  6. Hi Girls!! I had a fantabulous time at her place. WE HAD. I must add. The families got along sooo welll. And we had a mmmm... a three hour (atleast!!) crochety time together :)

  7. Very very beautiful mandalas.

  8. The mandalas are beautiful! Love the colors and the design!


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