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Tuesday 29 April 2014

Crochet Mandala - Rising Sun

Hello friends, I am back with another mandala today. Yesterday I showed you the Rainbow mandala, today I have a sunny mandala to share. So let us have a look at it first:

Rising sun crochet mandala

If you have been following my blog and you think this mandala looks familiar, then you are right. I have made this mandala earlier in "cool" colours.

Crochet mandala vibrant

This time I thought I will go for warm colours. Happy colours that will remind me of the rising sun you know, red, yellow, orange and green.

Rising sun crochet mandala

After the mandala was done I was not so sure about the colour palette and felt it looked "weird". What do you think? Does it look like an explosion of too many bright colours in one place?

But regardless of the colours, I love this pattern.

Rising sun crochet mandala detail

Especially the row which has two colours worked into it.

Rising sun mandala detail

So that is my Rising Sun mandala. 

If you would like to have a go at it, the pattern details can be found in my original Vibrant mandala post. It is definitely worth a try as it is a very happy design. I made the first mandala as part of a crochet-a-long and as you can see there were some really funky colour combinations. So go ahead and make it in your own favorite colours!

Crochet mandala free pattern

A few more pics before I sign off.

Rising sun crochet mandala

My serene Buddha always having to "model" my creations!!   :)

Rising sun crochet mandala

Once again I have used Laura knitting cotton and a 3.5mm hook. I hope you will try this pattern. And if you do make your own mandala, feel free to share your pictures on my Facebook page. I hope you are already a fan of my Facebook Crochetkari page, if not then don't forget to "Like" my page as I always reveal my latest projects there first, before I find time to blog about them. I find it a fast way to share my creations and then I add all the project details and pattern links in my blog post. If you have any questions about this pattern or crochet in general, write to me at

You can get this finished mandala in my shop.

So until the next time, Happy Crafting and have a great week ahead.


  1. It's beautiful and definitely not too bright. At least not for me. I love color! I'm gonna have to make one of these one day. I have that same Buddha in my bedroom. If I did Facebook, I would "like" you but I don't -- not my thing. Blogging and Instagram is more than enough for me. Have a wonderful week. Tammy

  2. HI, I am new to your blog. I really like your mandalas specially the rainbow one. Very cheerful! Looking forward to see what you make next! Have a nice week! Anna

  3. I like it Sangeetha - I think it looks very nice. The colors are good together - they're nice, bright Sun-shiny colors. :)

  4. Love this Mandela. Great colors. Personally I am currently on a Mandela kick and have made many different once so far. They are a joy to make and add color to any home. Looks like I will have to make this one as well. Thanks for sharing.
    Please come and share your scarf in my Link-Yourself Monday at
    I also have a google+ community where we share our Mandela's
    Hope you will come and join us. Wishing you a great day!

  5. This one is pretty too!! But my favourite is the previous one :)
    The 2 colored row is surely a highlight. I had noticed that in your earlier mandala long back.

  6. It's lovely, I am collecting as many patterns as I can then I will be making one mandala after another, I can't wait to try this :)

  7. This mandala is equially beautiful Sangeetha. It reminds me of the Indian Sun rise... the colors really represent India :) I love it! I like makign doilies so much, they are fun to make and you always end up with unique color combinations.
    Happy crocheting and a happy day!

  8. Beautiful too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Gorgeous!! ♥ And such a pretty color mix for spring :-)
    Have a nice day! Greetings, Nata

  10. Love the mandala . As you say , it is truly vibrant and colorful . A beautiful reminder of the Indian summer sunrise !

  11. Wow Sangeetha !! Just so lovved the colour explosions !! Absuloutely a delight to my eyes !
    Bhuddha would have been more than happy to sit and model ;O) hehe


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