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Friday 16 December 2016

And Life Goes On...

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Namaste friends. Feels good to get back to blogging. I know it has been a while. 
Thankfully, this time my absence was due to happy reasons. 

Birdie has flown the nest:

My little birdie, has flown all the way across the seven seas. Sonny boy  joined the college of his choice in the US, in the first week of September. We are so proud and thrilled. And now we are left with our empty nest.

When people tell you that their child has gone to US/Canada/Germany/Australia for higher studies, it all seems so simple. But now I know how exhausting it can be! Uff, the running around for the transcripts, visa, bank loan, followed by the shopping. Also the feeling of being emotionally drained. Being separated  from your only child is tough! Especially because sonny is my confidante, my best friend and also partner in crime when it comes to demolishing pizzas and ice cream. Not to mention wolfing down yummy vada-pavs before Dad got home from work, to escape the lecture about junk food and obesity.  ;)

My dreams about being a free bird in my "empty nest" came to nought. While I thought that I will now be crocheting and blogging to my heart's content, that was far from the real scene. For the first few weeks I lost all interest in blogging, Etsy, internet and even crochet (!!). There was a little bit of joy in the second week of September but very little.

Celebrating the Half Century Mark:

On the tenth of September I celebrated my Fiftieth Birthday
Yes, the big Five Oh! 
The half century mark!
I was thrilled, excited and scared at the same time, if that's even possible :)
Thrilled that I had made it so far. An achievement in itself!
Excited about  what the future might bring.
Scared, and also a bit sad that the downhill journey had begun, and that the wear and tear on the body will now begin to show.
But then again, why worry. After all Age is only a number. And Life Begins at Fifty, right!?
(What? Life begins at Forty...never heard that one....LOL)

The fact that sonny was so far away did dampen my spirit, but hubby took me to Patang - a revolving restaurant in Ahmedabad, and that did help to lift my mood. It was a lovely experience and the food was good. We took a lot of pics, unfortunately Ahmedabad does not have any spectacular views/vistas to capture from above.  A wonderful experience, nevertheless.

I got a ton of goodies as gifts, but my camera needs servicing, so I'll be sharing them with you at a later date.

A blog post without a pic is a strict no-no. So here is a collage of the mandalas I made, once I finally got over myself and picked up my hook (Thank God!). Details about the mandala will follow later.

crochet lotus mandala crochetkari

Usually I don't share personal photos, but I cannot resist sharing this one (this pic was supposed to accompany the big Birthday post which never got written). 
So go ahead and please take a slice of my birthday cake. Don't worry its a virtual slice, so its still fresh :)

crochetkari fifty

Are you shopping for Christmas gifts, or making them yourself? Do let me know.


  1. Happy 50th! I did that this year, too! It's an exciting time when your kiddos leave, but one of the hardest things I've ever done. I'm not am empty nester yet, but when my daughter went off to school I cried for 2 weeks straight. Such an adjustment, huh? Keep busy, learn new things and crochet plenty, I say. And if you ever come to the US to visit Sonny, you've got a place to stay here! Hugs.

    1. Hi Susan, Thank you for the invitation. So sweet of you. It would be so fantastic if we could actually meet. Your Temperature blanket CAL seems so exciting, but I have a ton of WIPs lying around :( Hope you have fun with the CAL. I may jump in later :) Have a lovely day.
      Warm regards and Hugs.

  2. Hi where can i find the mandalas the ones above they are wonderful and so are the colours you chose

    1. Hi Janet, I am happy that you like the colorful mandalas. My next post will be about the mandalas, the pattern source and materials used. So don't forget to come back :)
      The finished mandalas are ready to ship and will be listed in my Etsy shop soon.

  3. Happy belated Birthday, Sangeetha!! You are looking beautiful @50 :) The mandalas are very pretty and colorful!!
    I know it is sad to be far away from the only child, my time would come in few years too. But with technology these days, it still easy to keep in touch with dear ones. Enjoy the moments until he is only your boy, once he gets married he will have to share the love between wifey and mom:)
    I don't know but I can't see your posts in my reading list. I just saw it on my other email through which I might have subscribed long back.

    1. Awww Preeti, Thank you for the sweet compliment.
      You are right, technology is the saviour. Now we have video calling, and we have already seen his college, dorm room and latest projects etc. And with instant photo sharing, we never really feel we are far away from him. So far from the days of "booking a trunkcall" to speak to your loved ones in a different city. Do you remember those days? Spend quality time with your daughter as these memories will be so precious later on. Hmm, sharing my son with my DIL is inevitable. And I hope she gels with our family as we intend to treat her as the daughter we don't have.
      Sometimes my reading list disappears too, and I miss out on latest blogposts!
      Have a great week ahead. Love.

  4. Ooops... We spoke after that... but I hadnt checked blogland for long. Happy birthday dear. Though belated. Yes. Empty nest isnt what we should think about our nest. Arent we lucky? Our baby birds do come back to the nest once in a while. Think of birds!!!! Their babies fly away too soon never to return to that nest nor probably ever meet .

    1. Thank you, Aishwarya for the wishes. Now I know how you must have felt a few years back!
      Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year.

  5. Belated birthday Sangeetha !!! Welcome back to blogland. Good to hear that your son is off to US for his studies. I can understand your feelings but I am sure you will get accustomed to this new situation :-)
    Mandala looks bright & colourful. Hope to see more of your work soon:-)

    1. Thank you for the wishes, Mousumi. Will be sharing details about the mandalas in the next post :)


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