Sunday 26 August 2012

Steering Sunday

Hello beautiful people. I hope you are having a great Sunday.

I started to write this post today morning. After lunch dear hubby decided to take a nap and that is when sonny boy and I took the car and went for a spin. I tell you it is such a blessing for me that my son now has a driver's license and also that he drives pretty well! So, where did we go? Of course to the Book Fair I told you about yesterday. I got some lovely books but I will share them with you later.

Now it is 11.00 pm and I am trying to type as fast as I can so that I don't have to change the post title...!!!??

 One day DH complained "I always see you with a hook in hand and yarn trailing behind you, but you have never made anything for me."  Upon some reflection I realised that he was in fact quite right. The only excuse I can give is that since we don't stay in a place which has really cold weather, scarfs, sweaters, gloves, hats are all out of question. So then, what does that leave me with! What can you actually crochet for a man?

I did make something special for him some time back with hilarious results for which you HAVE to go and read that post. So that item does not really count. In THIS post I showed you something I was making for my hubby. Finally I have completed it.

What does it look like? It is not a scarf or belt or anything wearable.... it is in fact a steering wheel cover. Yes, that is what my hubby wanted me to make. See my army of bobbles marching in formation.

 After crocheting for an appropriate length and measuring it against the steering wheel I stitched the two ends together.

Then I stretched it over the steering wheel and stitched it into place.

And voila there it is firmly in place.

Yep, those are my hands. Only posing of course as I am shit scared to drive, even though I have a license.

The yarn store had limited choices and this was the closest match I could find to the car's upholstery.

Some unknown 19 year old who agreed to pose for me... ha ha. Isn't he a dear?!

 It is hubby's birthday on Tuesday the 28th, do you think I can pass off the steering wheel cover as my handmade gift for him? LOL. Just joking as I Have got something else for him. Will show it to you soon.

Yes, yes, yes managed to finish writing this post AND it is still Sunday....Yeah! I am praying there are no typos I have overlooked.
So see you tomorrow my sweet friends. Lots of things to share.

Take care, happy hooking.
Love xxx

Saturday 25 August 2012

Facebook Page

Hello friends,

Just a quick note to inform you that I have managed to create a Facebook page for Crochetkari. I have not yet decided whether I will be linking it to the blog or just upload my projects on to it.

Please visit my FB page (link on the right sidebar) and don't forget to "like" it.

And I would really appreciate any tips about the page you might have for me!!!

Saturday has arrived...yay!! There is a Book Fair in town and I just might venture out in the afternoon to visit it. Shhhh.... all in secret of course as DH gets annoyed when I get bagloads of books home. Can you believe it, I have almost 900 books tucked away and he has never seen me bring them home......he he.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love xxx


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