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Tuesday 16 September 2014

The secret inside the feather

Hello friends, so glad to see you here. I am back after two short trips to Mumbai, which is the reason I could not blog frequently. So, thank you for visiting me in spite of my long absence. I hope I was missed. A warm welcome to new friends who have joined me via Blogger, Bloglovin, Networked Blogs and Facebook.

My latest trip to Mumbai was our annual visit for the Ganesha festival (Ganeshotsav). I love being in Mumbai during this festival as the whole city is vibrant, colourful, fragrant with flowers, noisy with music blaring out from loudspeakers, with huge crowds everywhere as everyone wants to catch a glimpse (darshan) of their favourite deity. And the Ganesha idols (!) in all possible  sizes, heavily decorated with flowers, themed decorations and sometimes even real gold and silver!! Yes, that's right gold and silver. I have lots of photos and I will show them as soon as I am done processing them. You might enjoy this post I wrote long ago regarding the Ganesha festival.

Now on to our favourite topic...crochet! Recently I came across a pattern for a lovely peacock feather and decided to give it a try.

crochetkari peacock feather

Isn't that pretty!! Since my first attempt was fiddly I decided to make one more. Now I had two feathers and I thought they were too pretty to let them languish in my workbasket. So I was looking for a way to use them. While they would make beautiful appliques, I wanted to do something unique with them.

Now, before I continue I must digress and tell you a small story. I love carrying pen drives with me, in my bag, as they are small, handy and a good way to carry my photos and patterns and even ebooks with me.  Over the years I have "lost" quite a few of these as my son keeps "borrowing" them. Somehow the borrowed pen drives never came back to me. Once I even tried attaching a jingly jangly charm with lots of shells and bells to make it look girly enough to prevent the said "borrowing", but no use as he just removed the charm and made off with the pen drive!!! Ufff...these kids, always one step ahead of you.

The two peacock feathers gave me an idea...that I could make a pen drive cozy by joining the two of them. So first I checked whether they will enclose my pen drive properly.

crochet peacock feather was a perfect fit. Another reason I wanted a pen drive cozy is that I had a San Disk pen drive which comes without a cover and are non retractable, and throwing them in my purse made them scratched and dirty. So... two birds with one stone it was! :-)

So I joined the two feathers together leaving an opening just wide enough, then inserted the pen drive attached to a thread. I used a ring from an old keychain. This ring prevents the pen drive from popping out of the cozy and was also handy for pulling it back into the cozy.

crochet peacock pen drive cozy

crochet peacock pen drive cozy

So what do you think? Do you like my crochet peacock pen drive cozy? Do let me know.

Yes, yes, I know the question you are dying to ask... the pattern for the feather. So, my dears, here is the LINK at Living the Craft Life. I think these feathers would be perfect as appliques, jewellery, key chains, purse charms, baggage tags and more.

I also loved the article she wrote about the birth of a crochet pattern... do read it. 

crochet peacock pen drive cozy

I don't know whether this cozy will prevent further "borrowing" of my pen drive but I enjoyed making it and that is all that matters!!  :) After all any excuse to crochet is a good excuse...isn't it?!

Hope to be back soon with some beautiful photos of Lord Ganesh and my next project which again happens to be a pen drive cozy. Yes, I can be crazy sometimes..hehe. Can you hear hubby in the background yelling 'What do you mean sometimes?'......LOL

Until then. Happy Crafting. And do write to me gorgeous ladies, I am really missing you.

If you sent me any questions by email and I have not replied, please send me a reminder. I am having some trouble commenting on other blogs, my comments are just not appearing, so while I have been visiting all my favourite blogs, I am sorry I could not leave a comment. Please bear with me. Maybe there is some error from my side. 

Sunday 3 August 2014

Roses are Red, Waffles are Blue...

Sugar is sweet, my love
But not, As sweet as you.....

A beautiful song by Jim Reeves that brings back lovely childhood memories of lazy Sunday mornings. Especially memories of my wonderful Dad bringing out his Grundig tape player and his huge collection of tapes. I think it was his great love for music that taught my brother and me  to appreciate and love music of all kinds, right from Bhimsen Joshi to Michael Jackson. Last month (July) saw his fourth death anniversary and not a day goes by without me remembering my Dad, his zest for life, his belief in the "goodness" of people, and the fact that he was great at maintaining friendships (without Facebook!)....he was still in touch with his kindergarten friends even in his seventies. 

In case you are interested here is a wonderful link I found, to the song mentioned above.

Okay, okay, I know that you are dying to point out the typo in the title. But don't fret as it IS my Waffles that are blue. And if it is me, then the waffles have to be crocheted right?!!

Crochet waffle stitch scarf

I fell in love with this stitch as it is so true to its name. Also because it produces a lovely thick textured fabric. This scarf was the first item I tried using the crochet waffle stitch. The waffle stitch is excellent for scarves, bags and baby blankets or even afghans. 

crochet waffle stitch

As I am a big fan of matching sets I decided to make a matching waffle hat. But while the scarf is worked in rows ie: to and fro, turning the work when you reach the end of the row, a hat has to be worked in the round to ensure a seamless construction. Also as I hate seaming I decided to have a go at modifying the pattern to work in the round.

Crochet waffle stitch hat

I am very pleased with the result. What do you think?

The waffle stitch scarf above was sold before I could blog about it, so I decided to have a go at the waffle stitch again. This time I decided to make a cowl as I had already succeeded at modifying the pattern to work in the round.

So here is my very own crochet waffle stitch cowl:

Crochet waffle stitch cowl

The waffle stitch seems ideal for unisex items. No shells, pineapples or fans...the perfect stitch for men's items!

I am working on the written pattern so watch this space as I will be calling for testers.

Crochet waffle stitch scarf

The blue waffle cowl and hat are available for purchase in my SHOP. And the pattern will also be available soon.

And, just for nostalgia, here is a picture I found,of a player that very closely resembles the one my Dad had;

Pic source:
See you soon. Do let me know what crafty adventures you are up to!

A small note: If you have any questions about patterns, hooks, yarns or anything else, please write to me only at This will help me to reply to you specifically and you will get faster replies.


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