Friday 10 March 2017

Are you on Instagram?

Namaste friends. So, are you an Instagrammer?

Recently I opened my account on Instagram and I am really enjoying it. For reasons unknown it did not allow me to use crochetkari so my account is on my name sangeethavprabhu
My photos are tagged as #crochetkari. 

crochetkari instagram

I am not highly active on Instagram (or any other social platform for that matter) but I like the glimpses it gives into the lives of our favourite bloggers/crocheters.

Like behind-the-scenes pics of design processes, colour selection, or WIP progress. Also latest events, workshops, sales etc. Even recipes, family pics and super cute baby pics.

As the name suggests it is instant, you just click pics with your phone and upload. I have not explored the features yet. It is fast and fun and writing a description is totally up to you which works fine for me.  :) 
To like(heart), follow, and comment you can access your account via your computer too.

If you are on Instagram, please let me know your username, I would love to follow you.

Remember you can also follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

The International Crochet Month gave me an excuse to spend on a lot of supplies and books, so watch out for reviews and Ta-dahs! :) I also added Valentine's Day and International Women's Day to my list of excuses...LOL!

Have you entered the pattern giveaway in my previous post. Go on, it is quick and open only till 15th March '17, so hurry.

How are you celebrating crochet month? I would love to know.

Thursday 2 March 2017

Cupid's Dilemma Cowl pattern + giveaway

Namaste friends. February just flew by and we are already into the third month of 2017!

Are you aware that March is International Crochet Month? I am really excited as it means lots of informative posts, tutorials and free patterns across blogland. I have planned a few crochet posts myself which should hopefully see the light of day! While my mind is buzzing with tons of ideas on some days fatigue is the winner. (More about that later)

In February I released a new cowl pattern, but that is not the reason for the name Cupid's Dilemma :)

crochet cowl pattern cupids dilemma

The cowl has a rich, elegant texture and will work wonderfully as a unisex pattern. 

Materials used:
Yarn:  DK weight
Hook: US G/6 (4 mm), UK 8
           and US E/4 (3.5 mm), UK 9 (optional)

As gauge is not very important for a cowl, substitution with your preferred yarn is easy as the pattern has instructions to modify the dimensions of the cowl.

Here's a look at the lovely texture and border,

crochet cowl pattern cupids dilemma

The pattern is chainless as the first row is made up of FHdc (foundation half double crochet).
And seamless too, as it is worked in the round. So only two ends to weave in...Yay!

crochet cowl pattern cupids dilemma

The pattern is easy and ideal for gifts for either sex. Six pages of photo tutorials are included so crocheting the cowl should be a breeze :)

crochet cowl pattern cupids dilemma

Light coloured yarns will bring out the texture, but feel free to use your favourite yarns in the colour of your choice.

crochet cowl pattern cupids dilemma

The pattern is available in my ETSY and CRAFTSY shops.

And now for the Giveaway.
I am giving away one Free copy of the pattern. And you don't even have to like, tweet and heart all over the internet to enter. :) Just let me know why you think the name "Cupid's Dilemma" is suitable for this cowl.

You can write your answer in the comments below OR better still write to me at, that way no one will repeat your answer. 

The giveaway is open till 15th March 2017. The person with the most witty and appropriate answer will be the winner and I will announce the name on the blog. The pattern will be sent by email to the winner. 
So, come on start racking your brains :))

The year 2017 started with a bittersweet diagnosis. My doctor advised me a few blood tests for a fever that just refused to subside. And the verdict is that I have hypothroidism! Actually I am quite relieved because it explains a lot of my symptoms which did not seem to have a cause or go away, like the terrible hairfall which even caused a bald spot right on the crown, the excess weight which refused to budge, dry skin which soaked up tons of body lotion, the carpal tunnel pain which sometimes made it difficult to crochet (grrrr), and most of all - the fatigue and body pain which was unbearable sometimes. I believed all this was just part of growing old and to think that it was all treatable! The medication is for lifetime but I am feeling so much better now.
So friends I urge you to please go for regular check ups.  Take good care of yourself, after all you have only one body to live in ;)


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