Sunday 13 October 2019

How long will it take me to crochet this?

Namaste friends!

Gifting season is fast approaching and since we are already in October I am sure you are frantically crocheting/knitting/painting or crafting whatever you are best at. :)

Handmade gifts are any day preferable to store bought ones. But very often we are hesistant to start a handmade project, and there could be various reasons for that;

a) you are a newbie crocheter
b) you have a large family which means tons of gifts to make!
c) you have very little time for crochet given your busy schedule
d) you have a tough time deciding what to make.

Of course there could be tons of other reasons too.

So, when I came across this wonderful fun calculator at that will solve the problems listed above, I knew I had to share it with you.

This lovely calculator tells you exactly how much time it will take to crochet a particular project! 

What? You are a beginner crocheter? You can spare only 2 hours per day?

No problem. As you can see below, this calculator takes into account various factors like your level of crochet expertise, the number of hours you can spare per day and has a wide range of projects to choose from. 
Also  has a ton of free patterns for you to try.

lovecrafts crochet calculator

I urge you to try out this calculator and, dive right in and get crocheting. Maybe this year you can make that warm shawl for Granma or a lovely hat for someone special.

Do let me know if you try it out and whether you found it helpful. 

And while you are at it try these free crochet patterns on my blog. As well as these easy patterns on Ravelry and Etsy.

So, Happy Crocheting and I hope you make tons of crochet gifts this year for your loved ones. :)

Saturday 26 January 2019

Stardust Melodies Afghan Ta-Dah

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Namaste friends, Happy Republic Day.

Today India celebrates its 70th Republic Day and it is a proud day for every Indian. As per the tradition started by my Dad, I watched the Republic Day parade on TV. I love watching the parade, the spirited marching, the tableaus and the dances performed by school children. 
Don't patriotic celebrations and the National Anthem leave you teary-eyed? 
No? Only me?... Okay, never mind. 

On a side note, I don't understand all this controversy about (not) standing up for the National Anthem when it is played at the beginning of movies, at the theatres. 
Young men are giving up their lives at our borders so that you can relax, live a normal life and watch a movie whenever you want to. And you cannot stand up for 52 seconds while the National Anthem is playing! Disgusting!!
Worry not, that is the end of my rant :)

Now, on to the crochet front, I am going to share my most favourite project till date - the Stardust Melodies Blanket.

Stardust Melodies Blanket Crochetkari

The Pattern:

This pattern was a CAL on Every Trick on the Hook by the super talented Polly Plum. 
It consists of 24 squares and 2 different types of borders. The CAL ran for 13 weeks with two patterns being released per week.

Now for the best part! Twelve of the squares were free (still free on the blog) and twelve were paid patterns on Ravelry. I decided to make only the free ones and repeat them to make my blanket. 
But two weeks into the CAL I was in love with the patterns and decided to make all the squares. :)

As you can see it was totally worth it!

Stardust Melodies Blanket Crochetkari


The reason I was excited about this project was that it gave me a chance to get out my favourite yarn which I had been hoarding for years viz: Stylecraft Special DK.*

I had purchased the yarn from Deramores over the years, in small lots. Mainly because the cost of yarn along with shipping fees made it a bit expensive. And I was going to use it only for a very special project. 

The shades I chose are Apricot, Citron, Meadow, Pomegranate, Sherbet, Shrimp and Turquoise. I wanted a bright nursery theme and a mix of colours that would make the blanket lovely enough for a girl or a boy. :)


I used a 4.50 mm hook* for the blanket, which was the recommended hook. It has given a lovely drape to the blanket.

Stardust Melodies Blanket Crochetkari

I was going to block the blanket before posting it, but as "done is better than perfect", I decided to proceed with the blog post and not succumb to procrastination.

Each square was a delight and while some squares were a bit difficult, the ebook has charts for all squares. Polly has even added how-to videos on Youtube.

Stardust Melodies Blanket Crochetkari
Stardust Melodies Blanket Crochetkari

I joined the squares by holding them wrong sides together and sc into the back loops only. Since the squares were textured, I liked the ridge between the squares.

In spite of all that texture going on, on the front, the back of the blanket is really neat making it just right for little ones!

Stardust Melodies Blanket Crochetkari

Can you tell I am in love with the blanket!

While it is all fine to say "Age is just a number", I think nature always catches up. I am now in my early fifties and while making this blanket I got a sudden and real urge to have little grand-babies playing around me.

Since that is a few years away I will just keep this blanket safely wrapped up, in anticipation. :)

In the meanwhile, my hexagon blanket is still in the WIPs basket waiting for a border and hopefully, I can reach a decision soon.

I hope you are following me on Instagram as I share my progress pics and crochet experiments there, before posting on the blog.

Another bit of news is that all my patterns are now available on Ravelry 

See you soon with some more crochet goodness. :) 

This post contains affiliate links which if you use for any purchase, may yield me a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you.


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