Crochetkari: A Tale of Two (Eggcentri)Cities

Monday 29 April 2013

A Tale of Two (Eggcentri)Cities

Hi friends. Oh! don't be confused with the title. It is just a egg centric tale. Or rather, a story centered around the two pigeon eggs in my balcony...hehe.

You already know the story that a pigeon had laid two eggs in my potted plant and much against my husband's wishes I decided to let them be. This gave me the chance to do a little "Avian Planet" photo shoot of my own.

So here goes. Feel free to give me your comments about my (attempted) photo documentary.

Look Ma, downy fuzz...

Hmmm... so this is the Big Bad World
Should we venture out?
Maybe not just yet...a few practice flights inside the balcony.

Yay! we are ready to take the plunge today, under the watchful eyes of Mama and Pops.

The brown plank you see on the top left is the famous swing where all crochet projects are finally declared as "Completed" The two white dots you can see on Mom and Pops' beaks are not yet white but still grey on the twins. That is how I could tell them apart.

On Saturday, after being fully convinced that they can now fly, I finally shooed them away as the mess and stink was getting too much for me. This story spans around 45 days!

Also, can you see the green mat like curtain in the top right corner. It is made of out bamboo and you can see it in most houses in Ahmedabad. It keeps the harsh sunlight away, thus reducing the temperature in the house by atleast 4 - 5 degrees Celsius, I think. But the main reason we installed them last week is that construction activity has started in full swing on the vacant plot right next to our building. Which means tons of dust is now going to blow into the house through all nooks and crannies, so a small attempt to keep the dust away.

Till the pigeons were there I could not close it completely. But now finally I can close it and heave a sigh of relief. That's it, no more wildlife preservation attempts from me in the future. I think I have done my good deed....for now.

Hope you enjoyed my pigeon story. Write to me, make my day.

Question: How many of you have pets at home?

I love dogs, but I am not sure I can actually look after one. Maybe one day when my "little bird" has flown the nest. :)


  1. I think I probably would have done the same as you Sangeetha. Yes, you've done a good thing. I loved looking at your progressive pictures. :)

    I have 2 dogs - Tex and Ladybug - and 1 gerbil - Mugsy. Our other little gerbil Rocky, passed away last week. That was sad.

  2. Wow! You've had a wonderful experience! Who could think that they would build their nest in the flower pot! Now let them go and fly away..and enjoy clean house and no feathers and droppings... well, our houses are not meant for such wildlife at home.
    we also have those bamboo covers but put them outside to divide backyard from the kitchen part.But I feel so so hot these days! Plus pollution and heat from the cars...I want winter again :)
    Have a nice day and looking forward to see some of your projects on the swing ;) Hugs!

  3. Dear Sangeeta !
    Feel touched by the compassion that u have towards these birds ! Lovely photograhs :-) And what an experience !!
    I have two dogs without whom my life wud be lacking something..! I thank them for being in my life :-)

  4. I bet it was so interesting to watch the birds grow up! I have twenty-eight pets at home. Most are fish!

  5. I loved your photo documentary! You've done the right thing, I also had a swallow nest in my porch and although they messed up the floor I loved to see the little ones grow (there were 4 of them!). Great job!

  6. Hi Sangeetha lovely pics you must have done research on pigeons isnt it?
    i love animals i have four dogs 5cats kitten and fish

  7. I love that you let the pigeons hatch their eggs and then raise their young. The documentary was fun. We have a Siberian Husky who is spoiled rotten. I love this big fella and he knows it. He takes advantage a lot of the time. ;).

    I would love to have a Shih Tzu (?) one day.


  8. Well now I know why I've never seen any baby pigeons. It doesn't seem like it takes them very long at all to look like adults. Those eggs sure looked small for those big birds to come out of. And they aren't very pretty when they do emerge. I can imagine how stinky it must have gotten from them being there but it was nice of you to let them have the time they needed and then send them off into the world where they should be. Have a lovely day. Tammy

  9. This has got to be one of my favourite posts of all time! I loved seeing those baby birds grow and develop. I think it's wonderful that you left the eggs alone and then photographed it all. Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing. As for pets, I don't think I could be without them. As you probably know from my blog I have Spencer the dog and Max the cat. I'd probably have more if Chris would let me! xx

  10. Sangee
    The peace doves are so lovely. God bless you with happiness and do visit my page too.. I have a quilted peace dove there and a lot of yarn work too... The link
    I love your art work.
    Lots of love


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