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Saturday 6 April 2013

Crochet Mandala - Vibrant

Hello friends, I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

In my last post I mentioned how I enjoy putting up my projects on Facebook. Well, I was not always a fan of Facebook. In fact I found the whole thing a bit weird and I had joined only because it was the "done" thing. I would log in occasionally and just see what my friends and relatives were up to, enjoy some good quotes and photos which were shared and log out. The idea of sharing my personal pics or writing a comment which could be seen by the whole world was just not appealing.

And THEN, I discovered  "Groups" and "Pages" related to Crochet!!! Now that was fun, joining like minded people, sharing your projects, sharing patterns, discovering new blogs, getting instant reactions to your projects. Yes, I was really enjoying this Facebook thing now.

I am now a member of many crochet groups and have "liked" many crochet pages. Recently I did something else for the very first time. I joined a CAL. Now a CAL is something very common in Blogland and even Ravelry, but I have never joined one for various reasons. Lack of yarn, project too big or uninteresting or being tied up in my own projects.

The CAL I joined was at Mandy's Craft Tales for a Crochet Mandala. The pattern Mandy chose is THIS one by the lovely Petra. In case you would like to join in the last date is 12th April which I think is ample time.

Here is my completed mandala......TaDah

Do you like it? I used Laura Knitting cotton from  THIS stash and a 3.50 mm crochet hook. The mandala turned out 12 inces in diameter. I did this in one night!!

My favourite part is this row which has stitches in two colours on the same row. Something I tried for the first time, quite simple actually.

I really liked this mandala and its Vibrant colour scheme. I plan to make a few more when I am in-between projects. Only not happy with the last scallop row. The stitch count seems to be a bit off. Will have to work it out the next time.

Mandy has made this beautiful collage of all the mandala submissions:

Mandala collage from Mandy's Craft Tales
Isn't it just super?!! (Can you find my mandala?) 

I thoroughly enjoyed the CAL concept. So guess what I did.....jumped right into another one. This one is by The Crochet Crowd and it is for this lovely Ocean Waves Afghan. Click the link for all the details, the last date is 15th May 2013. 

Here are my colour choices:

Will keep you posted about the afghan as I proceed. Anybody want to join me?

Enjoy your weekend and make time for craft. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. Such a beautiful mandala! ♥ Great job, Sangeetha. I love crochet mandalas. I'm not sure if I've got the right yarn but I've printed the pattern... ;-). Thanks for inspiring! The photo with all these mandalas is wonderful. And your blanket as well, nice colors!

  2. I love your mandala, the colors are so beautiful and mix so well together! And your afghan is also very pretty!

  3. I'm still not sold on Facebook. Blogging is enough for me. But it sounds like you are having fun. The mandala is colorful and beautiful! I definitely need to make one of those. Take care, Tammy

  4. When I saw your afghan in your last post I was rather taken with it. I've never done a CAL, maybe I should look into it. Love the mandala, gorgeous colours :) xx

  5. Hi

    How come there;s so much common. Even I don't like the concept of Facebook. Deactivated my page lonnnnnn.....g time ago! Hey. the Mandala is beautiful. I have never done ripple before. I finally dared to crack it. After three attempts.... yay... I got the ripple :) So happy Sangeetha.

    Have a nice Sunday

  6. Your mandala looks very beautiful! The colors are vibrant and will brighten up your room :)
    I liked those double color stitches;may be, you can post a tutorial for this stitch.
    I am tied up with my cross stitch SAL and ongoing crochet projects else I would have loved to join you.

  7. Hi! Sangeetha, as usual you work is very neat and the mandala looks terrific!

  8. Gorgeous mandala! Cals are fun aren't they? I've only done one - my wooleater blanket - I will do more in the future but can't commit the time at the moment. thanks for sharing I will check out Mandy's blog. xx

  9. Lovely mandala! I love the colors you used!

  10. Beautiful Mandala Sangheetha. I have downloaded the afghan pattern. Thanks for sharing the link.

  11. Beautiful mandala!!! VIBGYOR !!!!! And the two colours in the same line is amazing.

  12. So beautiful! I love the colors of your mandala and ripple. Good work, Sangeetha!

  13. Very pretty colors on the mandala..I really must try one very very soon. I too liked the 2 colored circle row. Also, love your afghan colors.How big are you making it?

  14. your mandala is soo pretty , lovely colours too.I love the crochet groups on FB too soo inspiring.Your afghan colours are lovely too

  15. Lovely mandala. And I was able to find urs in the collage.
    The Ocean waves Afghan is so pretty.

  16. Hello, It's been too long since I have checked your blog - I've been missing out. You are working on some of the most lovely things. The "Oceans Waves" is gorgeous and the vibrant colors of the mandala are so fun!

  17. The mandala is very pretty, Sangeetha.

  18. Your mandala is very colorful and pretty :)

  19. Lovely! Where can I find the pattern for the Mandala? I tried the link to the Facebook page, but no luck. Thanks!


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