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Saturday 27 April 2013

Temptation, Thy name is.....

Yup! Finally succumbed to the lure of this yarn.

Hello friends, busy enjoying the weekend?

Another Stash Saturday and I am going to show you the Stylecraft Special DK yarn which has just arrived. (Oh..the joys of online shopping!!!).

Well, with everybody in Crochetland going gaga and then some more ga, how long could I resist. So I went ahead and ordered some for myself from Deramores. I have to thank Rajeswari for actually working out the cost vis-a-vis Indian yarns and encouraging me to go ahead. Also there was a 15% discount in that particular week.....and I took that as a positive sign from above!!

Here is my gorgeous collection;

After the yarn arrived it did look like a bit too much. But that is NOT my fault!!.....(my most favourite line when Anything happens).  :) It is their fault. Who are they? Stylecraft of course.

Not only do they have the most gorgeous colours, they have to name their colours instead of numbering them. How can you resist Saffron, Pomegranate, Apricot, Candyfloss, Sunshine and... Lipstick. The names were driving me crazy.

Want a closer look, I know you do :) I have clicked the pics with the names showing so that you can see which is which.

That's Jaffa, Matador, Apricot, Shrimp and Lipstick

Bright Pink, Candyfloss, Claret, Pomegranate, Raspberry

Saffron, Meadow, Camel, Sunshine, Citron

Sherbet, Royal, Cloud Blue, Aspen, Turquoise and of course White.

Aren't they just darling!!

The yarn is very soft and the colours are of course just gorgeous. I will do more oohs and aahs when I actually start working with the yarn. Right now it is safe in my secret hiding place (the pleasures of having a room to myself for my crafting!). 

I have not yet decided on a project for the yarn but most probably it is going to be an afghan/blanket. Right now I am very busy......doing what?!! Well, thinking of the "right" answer to explain the entry in the credit card statement to my dear hubby.......hehe.  ;)

Also succumbed to the lure of a lovely scarf pattern on a Portuguese? site. Will be sharing it with you soon.

[Note: A warm welcome to all new friends who have joined me. I am sorry that I have not been able to join your blogs even though I have visited all of you and signed up by email wherever possible. Inspite of trying a lot of tricks, still having trouble with left click. Not sure whether problem is with Blogger, Firefox or just my PC. So, please bear with me. This same problem is also not letting me make any changes to my blog layout...very frustrating. But I am still in the process of research and trying something new everyday, so hopefully soon........ ]

Nobody has guessed my holiday destination. So, here are some more clues:
The place is a desert, in India. I have to take a flight from Delhi to reach it and the landscape is beautiful. Come on girls, rack your brains.  :)

Do write to me, your comments add joy to my day. Hope you are having a fun weekend.


  1. Nice colors....
    Have a great and creative weekend.

  2. What a yummy buy!! The colours are too tempting. You have chosen the perfect colours. So now you have enough to play around. Hope to see more of your projects.

    Have a wonderful weekend dear

  3. Beautiful colours, I would like to have them all! Tina

  4. Yahooooooo!!!! So happy to see this color riot on your blog dear :) Hope its well hidden and now to begin the magic of hooking with this yarn!!

  5. I am ridiculously jealous of your Stylecraft! It has been on my dream list from Deramore's for quite some time. The colors are, oh, so dreamy! I can only imagine the beautiful and wonderful creations you will make with it! Congrats are definitely in order! As for where you are going--I'm a bit geographically challenged so will have to study up a bit to even make a good guess. But what you have described sounds altogether lovely!
    Susan @ Felted Button

  6. me green with envy ;-)
    Lovely collection dear !! :-D

  7. Nice! I have a bagful that I got from my sis as a birtday present last year. I've finished cushion for the garden charis - 3 to go :-)

  8. Lucky you! I don't access to my husband's card yet.. good for him :) those colors are gorgeous and I thought that of course afghan will be best to make!
    well..may be Jaipur? I don't have much knowledge yet about all these destinations in India ;)
    Have a wonderful journey, dear!

  9. Hi Sangeetha !!!

    lovely collection.....

  10. I cannot wait to see what your going to create with all these lovely colours!

  11. The yarn is just so beautiful. I love the pomegranate, bright pink and the raspberry shades :-)

  12. Oh wow, what beautiful yarn. I am so tempted to visit and buy but I have too many projects right now to start anything else. :)



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