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Tuesday 23 April 2013

Rippling Success

Hello there, Glad you joined me today.

I have a lovely finished project to share today. Something that I have been working on for a couple of weeks. Actually that is too quick for me, but the reason this project reached completion is because it was an Afghan challenge at The Crochet Crowd.

So, here goes my latest Ta-Dah......

Ocean Waves Throw

This is my very first attempt at a ripple pattern and I am quite happy with the result. This is also my first large, mammoth project after my Aqua and White granny square baby Blanket. 

The ripple consists of two rows. The first row is worked in the back loops only. This gave a 3D effect of waves rippling and lapping against the shore.

Maybe that is the reason it is named the Ocean Waves Throw. The pattern is free on Red The CAL is open till 17th May 2013 in case any one wants to join in.

The blanket is approximately 36" by 60".
The yarns are from this stash
It used up around 625 grams of yarn and has a total of 80 rows.
It took me about 15 days to complete, which is something new for a procrastinator like me! Most projects get started and then they languish in the WIPs basket till I "feel the love" for them again.  LOL!

I think Rajeswari's idea of adding a border and lining the blankets is a good one and I may try it later. Right now I just want to relax and admire my handiwork.

And of course all completed projects have to be clicked in my favourite spot - the swing. Only then can it be called an FO.

Now off I go to visit my favourite blogs and see what you all have been up to. I have found two lovely scarf patterns that I am dying to try but my WIPs basket is beckoning me  :(

I will be going on vacation in the month of May. Where?... can you guess if I give you a clue? Okay... it is the only place where you can get frostbite and sunburn at the same time!!! Let me have your guesses....hehe. Yeah I know...I am so wicked!

By the way, I am having some problem with Google Friend Connect and am unable to follow other blogs even if I click the "Join this site" button. Is this problem related to the discontinuation of Google Reader...any ideas? Would love to have any suggestions on this matter.  :)

Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great week. Make time for craft everyday.


  1. I love it Sangeetha - the colors are gorgeous. Great work getting it finished in only 2 weeks. :)

  2. So beautiful, it's on my to do list, I love the wave 3d effect and your border is so pretty too :) xx

  3. Lovely calm and peaceful looking blanket! Very quick i must say ..just 15 days v v good..Hubby m son got 3 meals a day na? ;) he he.. Jokes apart, loved the 3D effect and pat yourself on the back for a job well done Sangi!

    BTW, r u off to Rajasthan? Or Delhi?

  4. Lovely blanket! Great job in two weeks!! You have time until next winter to add the lining. I guess you are going somewhere in Himachal Pradesh.
    I think there might be temporary issue with friend connect because I was able to follow couple of blogs. Try clearing cache(cookies) from Internet options.

  5. It is stunning with the 3 d effect

  6. Oh, that is gorgeous. You can see the 3D effect clearly on the third picture. That is so pretty.


  7. Wow, such a gorgeous blanket and made in such a short period. Hats off! I'm crocheting my third Ripple at the moment (baby-size), such an awesome pattern, isn't it?

  8. the colours are soo pretty! and you must be really fast to finish in 15 days! the 3D effect is stunning!

  9. Wow sangetha....just mindblowing...
    Finally you did it...great!!!
    I know whr you are going..but keep mum.let others guess...:-)

  10. Woow !! Wow !!
    Lovely Blanket Snageetha ! Hats off for completing ! And lovely neat work !!!
    And i love ur writing.. Sprinkled with lovely humour :-)

  11. Hi Sangeetha, nice job on your throw. I love its three-dimensional effect and bright colors.
    Hmm, you really got me intrigued about your vacation trip. I have no idea!

  12. Hi, Sangeetha! Happy to see your FO, and to know that you are happy about it! It turned our nice and strips look indeed 3D! That's not only you, I myself searching (hunting?) for a good pattern of cardigan or long sweater, so that I can wear it in winter, but also I have my blanket to finish..and I am only half less than done. So prioritize? No way! I will get ne wyarn soon and start something new!
    Mmm...I've no idea where you are going but may be Goa? or any other beach :)
    Have a lovely day!

  13. BEAUTIFUL !!!!
    Have anice day !

  14. Oh! Wow, Lovely! is how I reacted when I first saw your afghan. And I drooled over the rest of the pics admiring your work :) I hope the winter this time will be cold enough for you to make use of this :) Jokes apart, its lovely Sangeetha.

    Hmmm.... a holiday is always welcome. Are you going to Dalhousie? Himachal is one place where you can experience extremes. Have a wonderful holiday

  15. Its beautiful! Wherever you are vacationing, I hope you have a nice time.

  16. Wow, just two weeks is incredible. I love the colour combination too. The 3D effect is awesome :-)


  17. Hi Sangeetha

    Its beautiful !!! The colors are awesome.... that too with 3d effect

  18. It looks so lovely. And the 3 D effect is awesome :-)
    And u must take pic on the swing, how else you will mark it complete??
    Happy Vacation.. Btw, are u going to Rajasthan? Jaipur?

  19. I love love the 3d effect. It really does look like waves. I've not made a ripple in forever but that one makes me want to do one. I love the colors. Great job finishing it in 2 weeks. I have no idea where you are going but I hope you have a wonderful time.


  20. This has turned out beautifully... Like your choice of colors... The ripple pattern is one of my favs... Perhaps someday I shall make a ripple something ...


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