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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Crochet Hexagon Blanket Free Pattern

Namaste friends, how are you?
Busy with your gift making/buying? Or are you lucky enough to reach the gift wrapping stage!

Let me help you with these ready-in-a-jiffy Free crochet patterns for a scarf and cowl.

November really flew by and for me, the main reasons were Diwali celebrations and long road trips. Since I don't drive, I am always in the passenger seat. And just staring out of the window while twiddling your thumbs seems like a crime to me! 

So I needed a crochet project that I could easily carry with me and it had to be easy enough to crochet in a moving car while occasionally admiring the passing scenery. 

Crochetkari hexagon blanket pattern

The Hexagon crochet blanket seemed an ideal project to carry along. The hexagon pattern is very easy, in fact you could actually crochet it while looking out of the window. 

I decided to go for a new colour scheme, something different from my usual choice of bright colours. I think I would call this a woodland colour scheme with its brown, green and yellow colours. Do you like this colour combination?

Crochetkari hexagon blanket pattern

I have used an Indian yarn called Ruby Grande.

Crochet Hexagon Pattern

Yarn: DK wt yarn*
Hook: 4.5 mm
Yarn needle
Quantity of yarn and blanket size will be updated upon completion.

Gauge: Each hexagon is approx 7.5" side to side and 8.5" corner to corner

Note: Ch 3 at beg of each round counts as a dc.
          The pattern is written in US terms.

Stitch abbreviations (In US terms)
beg: beginning 
ch: chain
sl st; slip stitch
dc: double crochet
rep: repeat
sp: space
Rnd: round
nxt: next

Ch 4, join with sl st to form ring.

Rnd 1: Ch 3, dc into ring, ch 2, (2dc into ring, ch2) 5 times, join with sl st into top of beg ch 3. (12 dc, 6 ch-2 sps)

Rnd 2: Ch 3, dc in nxt st, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp, * dc in nxt 2 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp,* repeat from * around, join with sl st into top of beg ch 3. (24 dc, 6 ch-2 sps)

Rnd 3: Ch 3, dc in nxt 2 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp, * dc in nxt 4 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp,* repeat from * around, dc in nxt st, join with sl st into top of beg ch 3. (36 dc, 6 ch-2 sps)

Rnd 4: Ch 3, dc in nxt 3 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp, * dc in nxt 6 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp,* repeat from * around, dc in nxt 2 sts, join with sl st into top of beg ch 3. (48 dc, 6 ch-2 sps)

Rnd 5: Ch 3, dc in nxt 4 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp, * dc in nxt 8 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp,* repeat from * around, dc in nxt 3 sts, join with sl st into top of beg ch 3. (60 dc, 6 ch-2 sps)

Rnd 6Ch 3, dc in nxt 5 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp, * dc in nxt 10 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp,* repeat from * around, dc in nxt 4 sts, join with sl st into top of beg ch 3. (72 dc, 6 ch-2 sps)

Rnd 7: Ch 3, dc in nxt 6 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp, * dc in nxt 12 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) into ch-2 sp,* repeat from * around, dc in nxt 5 sts, join with sl st into top of beg ch 3. (84 dc, 6 ch-2 sps). Fasten off.

As you can see it is a very simple pattern. The hexagons grow with each addition of (dc, ch2, dc) into the corner ch-2 spaces. I decided to go for seven rounds as I wanted big hexagons. You can make your hexagons any size you like. 

In fact, with a chunky yarn, you could go on increasing and end up with a lovely hexagon blanket/rug.

Some patterns call for ch 3 at the corners, but for this blanket, I found that ch 2 was sufficient. Feel free to adapt the pattern to suit your purpose.

Here are the hexagons all joined together. I was going to stop here but the colours and the size of the hexagons seemed "too loud" for a baby blanket so I am going to add a few more motifs and make it a throw.

Crochetkari hexagon blanket pattern

Joining the hexagons

For my first hexagon blanket - which you can see HERE I used the join-as-you-go method also known as JAYGO. But as this blanket was supposed to be a portable project I made all the hexagons first and then joined them.

The hexies are joined on the wrong side by slip stitching into the back loops only. I will go into detail in my next post.

I wanted the colour placement to be random. But "random" is something that just does not come easily to me. Maybe it is the Virgo in me, Lol!

So I came up with this chart to help me.

crochet hexagon blanket free pattern crochetkari

I love this method of joining as the hexagons seem to magically float next to each other and the actual joining needs only 2-3 days, (speed depending on what's on the telly). LOL! 

Crochetkari hexagon blanket pattern

I had blocked the blanket but as I plan to add more motifs it is still a WIP.

I wanted to keep the sides straight so I have added half hexagons to the sides. The top and bottom edges will remain rippled.

Any suggestions for a border for this blanket are most welcome. :)
Please let me have your ideas in the comments.

Check out the half hexagon pattern and joining process in detail, in this next post.

Until then, Happy crafting! :)

* This post contains affiliate links which if you use for any purchase, may yield me a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Harmony Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

Namaste friends! 

I am sure many of you are frantically crocheting/knitting/sewing/crafting to get your gifts done in time. So it seemed like the perfect time to share my pattern for the Harmony Cowl.
Harmony cowl free pattern
When two of my favourite crochet stitches blended harmoniously to make this cowl, Harmony seemed like an apt name for it.

Harmony cowl free crochet pattern

I like the Camel stitch as it creates a really elegant stitch with a faux knit look and is wonderful for edges. The moss stitch is dainty and produces a soft, lovely fabric.

Harmony cowl pattern border

The Harmony cowl pattern ticks so many boxes - it is unisex, chainless, seamless, a stash buster and works up in a jiffy. Use as many colours as you like in the body of the cowl. The light brown cowl has four colours and the cream cowl uses three colours in the body. 

Harmony cowl Cream

Now onto the pattern:

For light brown cowl:
100 gms of worsted weight yarn in Main colour - A) light brown
20 gms (approx) of worsted weight yarn in each of the three different colours 
- B) cream, C) salmon and D) peach.

Hook: 5 mm

Finished size of cowl: 36" by 9"
Gauge: 16 sts and 16 rows = 4" in moss stitch
For cream cowl:
70 gms (approx) of DK wt yarn in Main colour - A) cream
20 gms (approx) of DK wt yarn in each of the two different colours
- B) red and C) blue.

Hook: 4.5 mm

Finished size of cowl: 32" by 8"
Gauge: 17 sts and 19 rows = 4" in moss stitch

Stitch abbreviations (In US terms)
Fsc: foundation single crochet
beg: beginning 
ch: chain
sl st; slip stitch
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
sk: skip
rep: repeat
yo: yarn over
sp: space
Rnd: round

Special stitches:
Fsc: Foundation single crochet
Start with a slipknot, chain 2. Insert hook in second chain from hook, pull up a loop. Yo, draw through 1 loop - “chain” made, Yo, draw through 2 loops on hook - "single crochet" made. (1st Fsc made).  *Insert hook under the 2 loops of the “ch” st of the last st and pull up a loop, yo and draw through 1 loop, yo and draw through 2 loops. Repeat from * to make the required number of Fsc.
Camel stitch: this stitch is made by working a hdc into the horizontal loop, behind the front and back loops of the stitch. This loop is also called the third loop and can be seen on the wrong side of the fabric.
Moss stitch: On camel stitch round - 
1st round - Ch 2, *sk 1 hdc, sc in next hdc, ch 1, rep from * around. Join with sl st in 1st ch.
2nd round - with new colour, join with sc in any ch-1 sp, ch 1,  *sk 1 sc, sc in next ch-1 sp, ch 1, rep from around. Join with sl st in 1st sc. 
Rep 2nd round, using a new colour for every round.

The cowl is worked in the round, without turning, which means the right side of the cowl will always be facing you.

Rnd 1: Using main colour A) - keep a long tail and make Fsc 140 (refer Special stitches),      Join with sl st to first sc. 
Use the long tail to join the first "ch" to the last "ch" of the round thus closing the first round.

Rnd 2: Ch 1, pull up the loop to the height of a hdc, make a hdc in the horizontal loop behind the first sc below, work in camel st (or hdc in horizontal loop) around (refer Special stitches), join with sl st into the first chain.

Rnd 3 and 4: Rep Rnd 2.

Rnd 5: Ch 2, sk 1, sc in next st, *ch 1, sk 1, sc in next st, rep from * around ending with ch 1, join with sl st in first ch of beg ch 2.

Rnd 6: Using colour B) - Join with sc in any ch 1 sp, ch 1, *sk 1 sc, sc in next ch-1 sp, rep from * around ending with sl st in first sc.

Rnd 7: Using colour C) - Rep Rnd 6

Rnd 8: Using colour D) - Rep Rnd 6

Rnds 9 to 12: Rep Rnds 5 to 8 maintaining the colour sequence. #

Rnds 13 to 16: Rep Rnds 5 to 8.

Rnds 17 to 20: Rep Rnds 5 to 8.

Rnds 21 to 24: Rep Rnds 5 to 8.

Rnds 25 to 28: Rep Rnds 5 to 8. 
Colours B, C and D will no longer be used so fasten off each colour at the end of the respective round.

Rnd 29: Using colour A) rep Rnd 6.

Rnd 30: Ch 1, pull up the loop to the height of a hdc, *hdc in the horizontal loop behind the first sc below, hdc in back bump of ch, rep from * around, join with sl st into first chain.

Rnds 31 and 32: Rep Rnd 2.

Rnd 33: Rep Rnd 2, but work the camel st using SC INSTEAD OF HDC
This ensures that the upper edge of the cowl resembles the lower edge of the cowl.
Fasten off. Weave in the ends.

If the thought of weaving in all those yarn ends after each round seems daunting, here's a pic of the wrong side of my cowl.

Harmony cowl wrong side detail

I just carry my yarn up to the next working row. # This means that you end with Only Two ends of each colour to weave in! Great, right? 
If you would like me to show you this method of carrying the yarn up the wrong side in another post just let me know in the comments.

Harmony cowl Beige

I love this cowl and I hope you enjoy crocheting this pattern. I have made this cowl twice but if you find an error, be a dear and please let me know.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Mandala mania 3 - Variegated violets

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Namaste friends, are you a television buff? I am a big fan of TV but I wouldn't call myself an addict as I can switch it off at will and also survive for days without it if required. But I am partial to English programs whether it is serials, documentaries, cookery or science shows. TLC and Nat Geo are my favourite channels. As far as Indian television is concerned I prefer Marathi channels for their superior content, and wide variety of topics. Hindi programs with their melodrama, unrealistic stories and slapstick comedy are too jarring for the senses.

Wondering where I am going with all this. I have no idea... LOL

Okay, as a teen I was a huge fan of Three's Company, an American sitcom about three roommates. I liked everything about it, the cast, the theme song, the stories. And that is exactly the phrase that came to my mind when I thought my two mandalas needed one more companion. After all "Three's Company, too"...right? Haha

Yeah, I know I can be bonkers sometimes :) :)

Next question - Have you ever purchased variegated yarn because it looked gorgeous and then wondered what to do with it? It happens to me all the time! But the allure of variegated yarn cannot be avoided.

For my latest mandala, I decided to use a variegated violet cotton yarn languishing in my stash. Here is the result:

crochet mandala free pattern

Those petals look so cute. Using variegated yarn for the whole mandala or doily would be pointless as the intricacies of the design would be lost.

crochet mandala free pattern

This pattern is simply gorgeous and I urge you to try it. Check out the details in this POST.
Some more pics (with no jibber jabber from me)!  😊

crochet mandala free pattern

crochet mandala free pattern

crochet mandala free pattern

All pics were taken with my Lenovo A7000* phone camera. One of these days I must get down from my ivory tower and get my camera repaired!!! Pity the repair centre is miles away 😩

Which camera do you use for your blog photography?

See you soon. Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Mandala mania 2 - Aqua n orange

Namaste friends, did you like the mandala in the last post? I loved it so much, I thought One good mandala deserves another, isn't that right?

So I went on to make another one. I decided to use totally different colours, absolutely different from the previous colour choice.

Here goes Aqua n Orange:

crochet lotus flower mandala

Isn't it gorgeous!! Even if I say so myself ;)

While I'm loving the mandala as a whole after completion I had doubts about the "sunflower" in the center. What do you think, does it go with the colour scheme?

I like the way the white stands out and makes the other colours pop.

crochet lotus flower mandala

Just changing the colours produced such a dramatic effect. It looks like a totally different pattern! Only on close inspection do you realise that it is the same pattern.

All materials are same as the last mandala and you can check out the details HERE.

crochet lotus flower mandala

Okay, only two more pics :)

crochet lotus flower mandala

crochet lotus flower mandala

Can you tell I am in love with it!! 

I can't wait to see what you'll have been up to. So I will be blog surfing for the next few hours.

See you later, crocheter :)

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Mandala mania 1 - Peachy brown

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Namaste friends, How has the new year been unfolding so far? I hope you are enjoying it.

Time to start talking crochet in the new year. I came across a lovely mandala pattern and felt I just had to make one. Crochet mandalas are beautiful, useful, provide instant gratification as well as room to play with colours.

The mandala in the original pattern uses pink, mauve, violet and lavender. I decided to go for a peach and brown combination and I love the way it has turned out. The red adds a pop of colour, while the beige highlights the darker colours.

crochet lotus flower mandala

Isn't it gorgeous!! I am loving it. :) 

crochet lotus flower mandala

I adore mandalas for their beautility... no don't hunt your dictionary, I just invented that word. :) It is a combination of beauty and utility!! 

crochet lotus flower mandala

And now before you get ready to grab my neck and shake me :) here is the link to the Pattern at
The website has many beautiful patterns and I will be going back for more.

Yarn:   Laura knitting cotton
Hook: 3.50 mm*
Dia:    15 inches

This yarn* will give you similar results plus it comes in a range of vibrant colours.

And yes, I have omitted the last two rounds which form the edging of the mandala as I found it a bit lacy for the "solid" body of the mandala. So I just went for a round of scs with picots.

crochet lotus flower mandala

What would be your colour choices for this mandala? 

Happy crafting!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Free Crochet Pattern - Slant n Stripe Scarf

This post contains affiliate links

Namaste, girls. I am sure all of you are busy getting ready for the holidays ahead. Some of you may be scrambling around for last minute gifts. Today I have something that is just right for you. An easy scarf pattern and it is Free too!!

Slant n' Stripe Scarf Pattern 

Slantnstripe scarf free crochet pattern

The pattern is very easy and requires knowledge of single crochet and double crochet only. The pattern is a one row repeat, yup that's right it is a one row pattern which can be easily memorized and worked up in a jiffy. Just right for those last minute gifts. :)

Slantnstripe scarf free crochet pattern

 The fabric produced is soft and flexible and has a lovely drape. 

Here is a close up of the pattern:

Slantnstripe scarf pattern detail

And another pic in a different colour:

Slantnstripe scarf pattern detail

The borders on the two sides are made by the pattern itself so there is no need of an edging.

I used a DK weight yarn (yarn brand: Shining Star) and a  4mm crochet hook.
The scarf measures 6.5 inches wide and is 60 inches in length.

crochet scarf pattern

The pattern is in PDF form consisting of 3 pages. The actual pattern is on one page with no pictures or colours so you can just print that one page and take it with you, if like me you crochet wherever you go. :D

You can download the pattern HERE

Unisex crochet scarf pattern

The geometric design should work out well even for a men's scarf in the right colours, don't you think so?

You can also get your free pattern in my CRAFTSY store. If you are not already a member of Craftsy, you will have to register yourself, which is very simple and Free. Once registered you will have access not only to my pattern but also tons of other free patterns and dozens of free videos for all kinds of crafts like knitting, crochet, painting, sewing, name it.

Please let me know if you face problems or are unable to download the pattern.
I hope you enjoy making this scarf. If you have any questions or find any mistake let me know at

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Memories of those swinging times

Namaste Gorgeous. How are you? Thank you for joining me today.

Life has settled into a routine at our new home and sometimes I cannot believe that it is only three months since we shifted here. Feels like we were always living here! Yes, the human mind can be fickle at times.

The main reason that I do not miss the previous house could be that it was  a rented place and we always knew we would be shifting out one day. While we always assumed that we would shift back to Mumbai, this new home in Ahmedabad was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. 

But if there is one thing that I am sorely  missing it is my photo mean my photo prop... okay actually I mean the wonderful swing in the balcony in the old house.The swing was the place where all my WIPs were finally christened as FOs. (Am I the only one who finds "FO" to be mildly rude?)

The swing got the best light throughout the day and it was like being outdoors while still being inside the house.

So here are a few photos, in memory of the swing :)  :)

crochet ripple blanket

crochet ripple blanket
My ripple blanket. Get the pattern HERE 
Crochetkari free knitting scarf pattern
My first knitting pattern. Click HERE for the the free scarf pattern.

 crochetkari apple cozy
An apple cozy for the hubby. Go HERE to see his reaction to my "gift" ;) and a link to the pattern

crochetkari steering wheel cover crochet pattern
One more gift for hubby. Click HERE for the instructions for this Steering Wheel Cover.

crochet rainbow mandala
The swing was a place to play with colors. Get the free pattern for the Rainbow Mandala HERE

crochet square doilies
 ...and a place to display and gloat over my crochet babies

crochet doilies

crochetkari crochet doilies

crochet purse with free pattern 
Click HERE for pattern details of this lovely yellow purse
crochet nesting bowls
 Crochet nesting bowls

Crochet Basket weave basket
Crochet Basket weave basket

crochet rose basket pattern
Crochet Rose basket. Click HERE for instructions

crochet cup cozy
A custom order for Poonam who was so happy with the Cup cozies that she became my student!

crochet corner to corner baby blanket
Corner to corner baby blanket. Get the pattern details for the blanket and the border HERE.

crochet I love rainbows shawl
Crochet triangle granny shawl. Click HERE for pattern details.

Hope you enjoyed these pics of my Swinging times. Ahem... I hope you did not land here looking for some other kind of Swinging tales. Sorry to disappoint you...hehe!!

I have not yet found an ideal place in my new house to click my pics. No swing, no balcony and no open spaces. So I guess my crochet Ta-dahs will just have to wait a little longer! :(

I am writing a pattern for a crochet scarf and I can't wait to share it with you. Would you like to test my pattern? Write to me at 

Life is short, so make time for your hobby or go ahead and learn the new skill you have been wanting to.


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